ATA teaches free self defense classes

Jacob Fuller

ATA Martial Arts is offering free classes in basic self defense and kick boxing Dec. 7 for all women 13 years and older.

Three certified instructors, including Roxane Carte, will teach the classes. The first class will cover the definition of self defense, basic techniques and teaching students to be confident in their ability to defend themselves.

"We want to teach women to be confident in their persons and aware of their surroundings," Carte told The Log.

The kickboxing class will immediately follow the self defense class. In it, students will learn further techniques they can use if attacked.

The one-time free self defense and kickboxing classes start at 10 a.m. Dec. 7 at ATA Martial Arts, located at 803 Harbor Boulevard in the Target shopping center. Students should wear loose, comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. For more information, call ATA Martial Arts at 269-2821.