Want to buy local? Bid NOW in our gift certificate auction

DUSTY RICKETTS, Northwest Florida Daily News

Readers now have a chance to pick up a stocking stuffer at possibly a fraction of the cost.

Destin Log and Walton Sun readers can bid on nearly $150,000 worth of gift certificates from more than 100 local businesses.

On Dec. 1, The Log, Sun and its sister papers at Halifax Media Group launched their second annual online Emerald Coast Holiday Bid and Buy auction. It’s billed as the largest gift certificate auction on the Emerald Coast.

“There are hundreds of perfect gifts at great prices for everyone,” said Donna Talla, advertising director for the Northwest Florida Daily News. “This is our second annual online auction that is a win-win for the participating local retailers."

People can view and begin bidding on the selections online now by going to websites for The Destin Log (thedestinlog.com), Walton Sun (waltonsun.com) Northwest Florida Daily News, the Crestview News Bulletin, or Santa Rosa Press Gazette.

Local businesses have pledged a combined $140,467 in gift certificates for the auction. Bidding will end Dec. 8 at 8 p.m.

The minimum bid for each gift certificate will start at 50 percent of its actual value.

Shoppers who want to buy local can go to thedestinlog.com or waltonsun.com and click on the auction banner to register and begin bidding. Or click here to get started.

Talla said the program is designed to promote local businesses while minimizing the cost to them.

 “I believe it builds excitement in our community and look forward to continuing to grow this event year after year,” Talla said.