Chill out and layer up: Northern neighbors offer advice for warm-blooded Destinites

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Pamela Donald Feldhake, of Effingham, Ill., shared this photo on The Log’s Facebook page. She writes “I'm at home… foot of snow today. We have shoveled 3 times. It sucks.” To make life easier, she has a photo of our Gulf of Mexico on her Facebook profile.

Destin and The Log have fans all over the nation. So The Log recently posted “With temps expected to go as low as 20 in Destin on Monday, let's turn to our Northern neighbors who are fans of this page: Any tips for us warmer-blooded Floridians?” Here are some of the responses.

Tim Grabow: We will have wind chills of over -50 degrees tonight in southern Minnesota. I spent 15 days of December in Destin and always put things in perspective... Your water is still in a liquid state! I live on a lake and it is busy with people driving full sized pickups onto the ice. Love Destin!

Sarah Herbst Drahn: Turn your heat on. Stay calm it'll be okay. Lol

Bob Sherry: Drink gallons of Tennessee Bourbon whiskey

Jerry Tommasone: Move south.

Meghan Davis Hufty: Bundle up and watch for black ice

Mary Anne Moody: Layer your clothing

Jennifer Schahl: Bundle up if going out. Wind chill tonight is supposed to be 25 to 40 below here in Illinois.

Dennis Holcom: Go south

Diane Maddox: Our temp will get to -4 tonight, so we will put are winter PJ's, on with socks, keep the heat up, keep the water running a little, make sure our pets are inside with us so they are warm, and tomorrow bundle up when we leave for work. Layers for thin, athletic and muscular people. Down jackets for those that are sedentary and obese. Wool as a base layer, forget anything that makes you sweat. Good luck.

Deanna Richardson: Leave your water dripping so your pipes don’t freeze, wear extra clothing and make sure your outside pets have a warm dry place to sleep.

Brittany Garger: Bring in the plants!

Brandy Thibault: I say we all just stay at home. Next to the fireplace. No work or school.

Wendi DeMars: From Eau Claire, Wisc., where it is -15 below right now. Be grateful it's not -15 below right now. Wind chill is -35. Seriously, layer up and stay hydrated. Three layers. The layer next to your skin should NOT be cotton, it does not wick at all. Where Chapstick and use lotion to prevent your skin from drying. Warm up your car before you leave.

Glenda Struve: -60 in northwest Iowa with the wind chill.

Jim Goodman: Advice? Stock up on what you need, and stay home. Or take a visit further south. Maybe the Ft. Myers beach residents won't tease you about being “snowbirds” too badly!

Charlie Beasley: Move farther south. I'm ready for Miami.

Mark Rumfelt: It will be short lived and get warmer there much sooner than it will here in Kentucky.

Tori Bonds: Get a good blanket and a thick coat.

Carolyn Bonds: Watch for black ice.

Rita McGinness: Be sure to let your water faucets drip in your house so the pipes won't burst. Keep the cabinet doors open under your sinks and I also open up my dishwasher

Dave Feldhake: It's seriously going to be in the 20s for two days. Might as well just give in. No way to survive this ... except maybe buy a light jacket and enjoy it.

Terri Lawley McCollum: Stay snuggled up to your "significant other!" That's MY plan! ; )

Jennifer Wright: Disconnect your water hoses from outside spigots.

David Chamberlain: Wear a warm hat, around 80 percent of your body heat is lost through your head! And wear gloves. Stay hydrated with WATER; alcohol works against you staying warm

Linda L Thompson: Hang in there stay inside! Looking at 40 below here tonight

Eric Bensel: Remember to bring your pets inside, as they may not be used to the weather as well and cold is cold to all. Set faucets on a very slow drip, and open any cabinet doors concealing pipes to get as much warm air around them, slow down on the roads as any moisture on the roads may be ice so consider ANY damp roads as ice. Bridges freeze before roadways, so just be careful and everyone will be just fine.

MaryAnn Martineau:Keep your car faced away from the wind if possible. Also keep the gas tank filled if possible... Start the car mid-way through the night and run a few minutes until warm... Protect outside water pipes...

Diana Marshall: This new local brought her Cuddle Duds from Indiana! Hot Chocolate to warm the soul!

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