PRO AND CON: Dogs on the beach

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The Destin Log
Here is what the concept of dogs on the beach would look like in Destin, courtesy of The Log's Editorial Cartoonist, Dill Beaty.

PRO: Dogs should have their day on the Destin city agenda

I was excited to read the article in The Destin Log about some city leaders being receptive to the idea of dogs on the beach. I would like to see this item go forward and not lose momentum. I do have a few ideas on the subject.

I'm from the Midwest and always wanted to live near the Gulf. Five years ago that dream came true. I now live in Regatta Bay. 

When I want to take my dogs with me to the beach, I have to drive to Panama City. It's very aggravating to see people, who are probably tourists, ignoring the signs, and walking their dogs on Destin beaches.

Here's what makes sense to me.

Property owners only should be able to get a license to walk their dogs on our beaches, not tourists. Restrict this ability by allowing this only between September and May — less crowded and less mayhem.

Possibly limit it to Henderson Beach Park. I use the beach and there is hardly anyone there.

I don't know how to voice my opinion to our city government and hope you could get this going as I know there are many other homeowners who would love this also. 

Pat Dixon


CON: Just say not to dogs on the beach

Recently we have read in The Destin Log that local officials are considering allowing dogs on the beach in Destin. While local officials will do what they wish, I would discourage that move. 

There will be dog fighting, dog crap, dog bites and out of control dogs. While there are responsible owners, most don't want to “pick up,” and owners sometimes think their dogs can do no wrong. Just watch how owners walking their dogs on the sidewalks behave. 

I hope the officials think this one through because once you allow it, you won't be able to go back.

Jim Gerdes

Miramar Beach

OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Dogs on the beach edition

Last week, The Destin Log published a front page story about whether dogs should be allowed on the beach in Destin? Readers had plenty of thoughts and shared them en masse on The Log’s Facebook page.

Kyle Hock: As long as there's no dogs there — I'd be fine with it.

Kelli Beaty: I've been to the dog beach right in front of Pier Park, and it's always been clean when I've seen it. Pensacola has a dog beach too. It's fun to me to watch the dogs play and jump over the waves. I think it would be great for Destin to have a designated dog area. Dogs love the beach too!

Ann Clifford: The leash law is NEVER enforced in South Walton. People let their dogs run all over the beach, chasing wildlife, jumping on people, running on dunes. I have seen many, many times owners not picking up after their dogs. These are local residents, people who you would think would care. To think that tourists would have any more respect than the locals is laughable. They can't even pick up after themselves.

Claire Rush Griffith: Destin is so dog unfriendly, many tourists bring their fur family on vacation; I think it would be a hit. So yes please!

Dean Chamblin: I'm betting the dogs would leave less crap on the beach than the humans!

Pam Doughty: Not without strict enforcement. I love dogs, but I don't want to step in dog poop. Some people are allergic, too. Free roaming dogs in a public area isn't a good idea.

Sonya Hart: I love my furbabies but NO… do not want to step/lay or swim in dog poop at the beach.

Will Brooks: Absolutely NOT! I don't want to walk down the beach and dodge your dog’s pooh! Even if they do put a designated place up, it won't matter! People walk dogs at the east jetty every day and it makes me sick!

Faith Sexton: How wonderful the memories I will always have … growing up in Destin every chance we could get riding our horses bareback with friends and family with the dogs running right along with us! I walk almost every day on the beach or bay and think I'll start sending you pics of all the garbage that humans leave behind or is washed up onto the shore....SAD!

Summar Vaughn: We vacation on Okaloosa because the beach is dog free. Dogs are great but I don't want to swim with them or tan on dog turd spots. Gross.

Nichole Moreland: There is barely a public beach for locals and yet you wanna take that away too… for dogs! I love dogs but not poop on my only three locations to choose from that are miles apart from one another! If anything make more room for locals to go to the beach so we are not packed like sardines in the summer. That's why they make dog parks, you know the ones with grass!

Melissa Aiken: Dogs love the beach; we love our dogs! I think dog lovers, locals and visitors alike, should have one DESIGNATED and well-appointed area to enjoy the Emerald Coast. Our neighboring counties have proven it can be a success! Come on Destin! I vote YES!

Christopher Ray: It's kinda interesting that I can walk my dog anywhere in public except the beach and I can only drink a beer in public if I'm on a beach. Maybe it's a conspiracy to keep dogs sober.

Earlene Hall Conner: NO! NO! NO! It's bad enough when humans leave their trash in the sand; don't want the doggie stuff, not in the sand nor in the water! And I don't want animals coming up to me while I sunbathe under my umbrella!