McGuire's customers in Destin, Pensacola may be victims of credit card breach

Special to The Log
Customers at the McGuire's restaurants in Destin and Pensacola may have had their credit card information breached during a 90-day period ending in December.

Customers credit card data may have been breached at the McGuire's restaurants in Destin and Pensacola.

"This notice is to let you know that there is significant evidence leading us to reasonably believe that McGuire's has been the victim of credit card fraud," W. McGuire Martin, wrote in a press release on the restaurant's website. "We now know, for what appears to be a period of 90 days ending Dec. 2013, an individual or individuals illegally gained access to our computer system and stole credit card numbers."

Given the breach, which is limited to the Destin and Pensacola restaurants, McGuire's has hired a "nationally-recognized" firm that specializes in data security to "ensure the highest level of protection." The company, according to the release, is also working with federal, state and local authorities to find the responsible parties.

Customers who dined at the restaurant during the period of the breach are asked to closely and frequently monitor their credit card statements, reporting any suspicious activity. A hotline has also been setup where potential victims can call with questions about the breach. The number is 1-888-258-3943.

Martin wrote that "we have worked tirelessly for more than 37 years to build our family-owned business and provide our valued customers an exemplary experience. We don't take it lightly that someone would commit a crime against us that affects our customers."

"We will not let thieves affect our incredible success and enduring relationship with you," Martin wrote. "We never imagined that we would join a growing list of businesses across the country, both large and small, that have fallen prey to these type criminals."

McGuire's joins national retailer Target as companies that have seen their credit card data breached as of late. In late 2013, Target reported that between 70 to 110 million customers may have had their credit card data stolen. Arts and crafts retailer Michael's is currently investigating a possible breach of customer's payment information as well.

As for McGuire's, Martin said that the company will seek "the harshest" penalty under the law for those responsible for the breach.

"We will rise above it all because we have the best customers in the world and we stick together at McGuire's," he wrote. "We look forward to serving you again soon."