Snow days for Destin: Schools out for two days and the students are giddy

Savannah Chastain
Students at Destin Elementary School were giddy with the news that they would get off for two snow days.

Destin Elementary School was abuzz Monday afternoon with news that schools would be closed Tuesday and Wednesday because of the developing winter storm. The Log stopped in to capture the reactions of some of Destin's youngest residents to the idea of snow days in the Sunshine State. 

Fourth-grader Hailey Sanchez said she had no idea what she will do with her snow days. "Probably wake up my mother and go outside," she finally decided.

Nine-year-old L.J. Figueroa has a warning for would-be snow frolickers: "Don't eat the yellow snow!"

Five-year-old Chloe Eads has never seen snow before. She told The Log that her first activity for the snow day would be to throw snow balls. When asked what she thinks snow would be like she responded shyly, "I think it's be snowy!"

When asked what she was most looking forward to during her days off, second-grader Kiersten Martin replied "getting to build a snowman."

Seven-year-old Noah Golden didn't need much prompting, when asked if he was excited. He cheered "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! I still got my snow skiing stuff so that's good."