Not-so Super Bowl: Broncs give it away, leaving Ale House crowd crestfallen

Laura Hall
The Broncos score at last! Joann Staub and Lori Burkart react.

It’s late Sunday afternoon and Miller’s Ale House is filling up fast for their sold out Super Bowl party.  I talk with a lot of Broncos fans that put their names and expertise on the line. 

The Barefoot BBQ crew, in from Seaside for a festive night, gave Denver 24, Seattle14. All decked out in Broncos attire, Joanna Gann of Tuscany in Destin called the game for the Broncos 30-27. Tom Minerva of Destin gave it to the Seahawks 17-14.

The most interesting prediction of the night came from Louis Burkart who gave it to the Seahawks 28-14.  Louis explained things to me like this, “The last 19 games where the top offensive team played the top defensive team, the defense has won 17 out of 19 times.”

I’m calling Louis before I hit Vegas next time. This guy knows something.

The Star Spangled Banner is being sung and you can see the mesmerizing emotions of the players being at this place, at this time, in this moment. It will be something to remember... or forget. From the first play of the game, the ball sailed over Manning’s head and into the end zone for a safety. Little did I comprehend at the time that this was a very dark omen of things to come.

Ninety five percent of the Ale House crowd are here to see Peyton and the Broncos take home the Vince Lombardi trophy.

I wait and I wait and I wait to get a picture of the Broncos fans standing on their feet cheering their team on with bombastic fervor.  This never happened. Seattle returns an interception 69 yards for a touchdown with 3.21 seconds left in the second quarter. 

Thankfully the Pepsi half time show gives us all a break and the sexy, moonwalking and mesmerizing Bruno Mars seems to sing straight to the Seattle Seahawks as he croons out the melody that goes, “... the whole world stops and stares for awhile, because you are AMAZING!!!” The half undressed, Red Hot Chili Peppers begin their high velocity percussion performance by belting out a song that seemed directed toward our Broncos team, “Give it away.”

My hopes of a better second half are instantly dashed when the fleet footed Percy Harvin receives the opening kickoff of the second half and somehow, someway manages to elude every single man clad in an orange jersey to go in for yet another score. This makes it an embarrassing 29 to a big fat, round ZERO.

Three hours and ten minutes into the game, guess what? A score for the Broncos! In the entire Ale House, I hear a feeble clap or two from frustrated fans who no longer want to see any more. The Budweiser ads, with the heartwarming, vivacious lab pup and the Clydesdale, brought the crowd to their feet with the loudest cheers of the night. For myself, I didn’t realize how interesting soccer might be until I got a bit of a look at David Beckham.

Sorry readers, this has probably been the most unexciting Super Bowl report every written.  I try to tell it like I see it.

Laura Hall is a long time resident of Destin.  She writes about gardens and other local topics, sometimes with her dog Annie in tow.  If you have a good topic, contact her at