‘So You Think You’re Funny?’: Destin comedian, restaurant issue the challenge

Savannah Chastain
Ed Joseph's next show will be at McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin on Feb. 24. at 8 p.m.

Ed Joseph is an active duty serviceman by day, but by night he makes laughs not war. 

His dual-career as a soldier and stand-up comedian began ten years ago, while he was stationed overseas.

"It was during an open micnight one night when I was living in Guam," Joseph said, "I went with a group of friends, and it kind of grew from there."

Originally from Orlando, Joseph has been in the Destin area for nearly two years now.

Joseph collaborated with Crab Island Cantina owner, Carlos Chafran to create an outlet for area comedians to come and show off their funny side.

"I went to the manager of Crab Island Cantina about seven months ago with the idea of doing an open-mic night. That kind of grew through the connections we both had in L.A."

The two came up with a comedy competition, "So You Think You're Funny?" The 16-week competition will award one winner with round trip tickets for two to Los Angeles to perform at The Comedy Store. Joseph said that the competition has attracted comedians from Panama City, Mobile, Atlanta, and even Detroit.

The best way to come up with new material, Joseph explained, is to brainstorm with people; not just comedians, but the audience as well.

"When I'm thinking of a way to articulate, or how to get something across, it’s always good to get feedback. I love performing in front of a crowd I don't know.”

When attending his show, get ready to participate, as Joseph explained he loves to use spectators in his banter.

"Come with a sense of humor especially if you sit in the front row cause you're gonna get called out!"

Joseph's recipe for good stand-up comedy is simple: "Honesty," Joseph explained, “I think that's, for me, the best experience that I've used…because everyone can relate to the truth."

"So You Think You're Funny," is held weekly at 6 p.m. Sunday nights through March 9 at The Crab Island Cantina.