'A positive voice for change': A father first, Scott Jacobs is a “glass half-full’ kind of guy

Matt Algarin
Realtor Scott Jacobs is a family first kind of guy, who has a passion for bringing people and the community together for a better future.

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Life is full of once-in-a-lifetime moments, and for Keller Williams Realtor Scott Jacobs, one of those moments came more than a dozen years ago high above the New York City skyline.

"We got married in 2000 on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center," he said of he and his wife, Audrey. "We've got pictures on top the building with the world around us."

"Whether you've been there or not, everybody has an attachment to that tragedy," the 41-year-old Jacobs added. "We always planned to return for our anniversary. While we can, it's not going to be in that same spot."

Born in Alexandria, La., Jacobs was the son of military parents and his early life took him everywhere from Germany to California.

As an ambitious teenager, Jacobs got his first "itch" for the real estate business, purchasing a condo at the age of 19. Working for Newman-Dailey, the amateur photographer was able to get his feet wet, learning about long-term rentals and community association management.

As opportunities presented themselves, Jacobs found himself in Jacksonville where his wife had taken a job. While they had access to all of the big city amenities, Jacobs knew he always wanted to come "home" to Destin.

"Family is big, and raising your kid in an environment that you are comfortable with and in a place where you know the values and the morals is important," he told The Log. "I knew everybody when I was growing up, all the families knew each other and looked out for each other, and they did things together."

"That's what I wanted my son to have," he added, "so we moved back home."

It was during that time where Jacobs was afforded the ability to be a stay-at-home dad with his son Garrett, who is now 7. He said it was one of the "greatest" experiences in his life.

"It really changed my perspective on just about everything," he said. "When you are working and you have a set routine, you don't see outside of that. You keep striving for more and you don't get to spend as much time with your family and friends."

Working with a wide variety of individuals during his professional career in real estate and management, Jacobs has become more attuned to the issues and concerns of those around him. And with his wife actively involved in the community, Jacobs was looking for his own way to give back.

As a "glass half-full" kind of guy, Jacobs knew he could use his voice to speak for those he not only worked with professionally, but those he speaks to, lives by and associates with at the local park or basketball game.

He began to look into the various issues in Destin and why certain decisions were made.

"In real estate, you have not only an opportunity to get feedback and information from local developers and business owners, but from buyers and residents," he said. "It's a myriad of people, and unfortunately a lot of what you hear is negative."

Jacobs said one thing he quickly noticed was a lack of participation from the public at city meetings.

While he is adamant that he is not a politician, Jacobs wants what's best for the city he calls home. He has no desire to be the mayor of Destin, merely a voice for the community.

"I never really questioned whether or not I was qualified to do this," he said. "I felt that I live here, I work here, I play here, I'm raising my family here, so why not have a voice for the people that I already talk to."

When he's not at the ball fields with his son or at the Keller Williams office, Jacobs and his wife can be spotted on their standup paddleboards or at a neighborhood get-together.

He is also a "tech" guy, who loves to tinker with computers and "gadgets." His photography can be found at http://www.scottjacobsphotography.com/.

Whether he gets elected to the city council or not, Jacobs said he will continue to be active in Destin's future.

"I'm all about family and the community," he said. "I fell like I'm connected to a lot of what moves Destin, whether it's in business or the community. I want to be involved and a positive voice for change."

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