LETTER: Help crack down on door-to-door solicitors

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

I live in Destin proper, by the elementary school, and Thursday a man and a woman (mid-20s) came to my door selling cleaning products. They were not in uniforms, had no name tags, they had no business card, or any professional identifiers. They were underdressed for the cold weather we had, and the man was holding a can of Glade air freshener.

They were persistent in trying to come inside to demonstrate products. However, they had no supplies or equipment with them, and became rude when they realized I was not going to participate.

In talking with my neighbors, there have been several occasions of men approaching homes under this guise. This is an inappropriate and unprofessional form of marketing, and has made me and my neighbors uncomfortable. I did report the incident to the sheriff's office, and I encourage others to do the same.

Going forward I will not answer the door, and immediately call the sheriff to have these folks identified and confirm that they possess the proper permit/licensing for this type of solicitation. Thanks for your assistance in getting the word out.

Melissa Aiken