Council campaign cash flows ahead of March 11 election

Matt Algarin

With only days until voters take to the polls, The Log took one more look into the campaign accounts of the eight men and women in the running for a seat on the Destin City Council.

Here's a look at each candidates total contributions and expenditures, which includes the residents and businesses that have offered financial support. All figures and information is courtesy of the Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections.

Rodney Braden has a total of $1,600 in contributions, as well as $250 in in-kind contributions. Outside of his own contributions, the Howard Group, Alta Houston and August Grimaldi each provided $500 to Braden. Braden's expenditures total $25.

Jim Foreman, the incumbent, has a total of $545.83 in contributions, which all came on his own behalf. He has $270.83 in expenditures.

Larry Hines has one of the largest accounts, with contributions totaling $3,100. All of his finances are personal. His expenditures total $3,050.72.

Scott Jacobs has contributions totaling $1,400 and in-kind contributions of $42. The Howard Group ($500) and Susan Jacobs ($750) have helped finance his campaign. Jacobs’ expenditures total $651.58.

Skip Overdier saw many Destinites contribute to his campaign, with his total amount of contributions at $1,010.78. Supporters are Kaye Hartwick ($50), Selby Durrence ($100), Jim Kaempfer ($20), Ray Feiler ($100), Robert Freemman ($25), Dave Adams ($20), and Tom Hartrick ($30).

Overdier has a total of $592.49 in expenditures.

Matthew Pace also has plenty of individual and business supporters. His contributions total $1,550. Those supporting Pace are Will Rogers ($100), Alliance Association Management ($500), Camille Morgan ($500), Liz McMaster ($50), Cynthia Roberson ($100), Deborah Gericke ($100), James Cole ($100), and Judy Sheridan ($100). Pace has a total of $771.21 in campaign expenditures.

Prebble Ramswell's contributions total $1,650, and have come from Deb Simkin ($200), Vivian Menchel ($200), Char Rohrer ($50), Tony Ramswell ($40), Nemat Helal ($50), Bill Baker ($100), the McLaughlin family ($100), Felix Baker ($10), the Howard Group ($500), Robert Neuenschwander ($100), Darryl and Karen Shelton ($100), and Charles Markham ($100).  She has $284.57 in in-kind contributions and her expenditures total $1,284.68.

Tom Weidenhamer has $900 in contributions, which come from SOS Printing, a business he owns, ($232.50) and the Howard Group ($500). He has in-kind contributions of $265 and expenditures of $30.

The Howard Group contributed a total of $2,000 to Destin candidates, which included Braden, Jacobs, Ramswell and Weidenhamer.


Early voting begins today and runs through March 8. Those wanting to take advantage of early voting can place their ballots at the Destin Community Center (101 Stahlman Avenue) or at the Supervisor of Elections Office (1804 Lewis Turner Boulevard) in Fort Walton Beach. Early voting hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Election Day, polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the Destin municipal election and Destin Fire Control District referendum at precincts throughout Destin.