Citizens for Good Leadership endorses three candidates for City Council election

Special to The Log
Prebble Ramswell, Scott Jacobs and Jim Foreman have been endorsed by CGL for the upcoming City Council elections.

After a private screening between the Citizens for Good Government and the eight candidates running for Destin City Council, the political action committee has endorsed three candidates for the March 11 elections — Jim Foreman, Scott Jacobs and Prebble Ramswell.

"While all candidates were qualified and appeared to have the city's best interest at heart, these three candidates demonstrated the most in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complex issues at hand and how these issues affect the sustained livelihood of the citizens and the businesses in Destin," a press release from the committee reads.

The screening process included questions on various issues ranging from their qualifications and goals, to their thoughts and priorities on Destin's greatest assets to be protected, economic development incentives, public benefit language in Tier III projects, infrastructure issues, code enforcement and other issues.

Before the screening, the group hosted an education forum for the candidates to ensure they were all up to speed on the various topics to be addressed by the city council. Mayor Sam Seevers and Community Development Director Ken Gallander were two of the speakers during the educational meeting.