Ramswell, Foreman elected; re-count scheduled as one vote separates Braden and Weidenhamer

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The Destin Log

Destin Log Reporter Matt Algarin reported the results of tonight's election results.

Prebble Ramswell collected 836 votes (19.65 percent) the most votes Tuesday night, while incumbent Jim Foreman totalled the second highest with 685 votes (16.10 percent).

Rodney Braden came in third with 578 votes (13.58 percent), which was only one vote ahead of former Councilman Tom Weidenhamer, who collected 577 votes (13.56 percent). Given the closeness, an automatic recount is scheduled for Friday morning.

The remaining vote totals are below:

2014 Election Guide:

The eight candidates running for three seats on the dais are Rodney Braden, Jim Foreman (incumbent), Larry Hines, Scott Jacobs, Skip Overdier, Matthew Pace, Prebble Ramswell, and Tom Weidenhamer. Here's a look back at The Log's coverage of the candidates and the issues.

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