OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Spring Break Shenanigans?

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The Destin Log
Spring Breakers from Dallas Texas, Mallory McQuiston, Matt Wylie and Jordan Zadeh got all decked out for St. Patrick's Day on Monday afternoon. After a rainy morning, they went and bought their green outfit and planned to celebrate the day at Hammer Head's in Baytowne.

A letter writer recently noted that Destin was "incapable of handling spring break," which garnered plenty of chatter on The Log's Facebook page. Here's what some of our friends had to say.

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Cathy Scheile Beasley: I understand what the writer is saying. We left PCB years ago for this very reason. We don't do beach trips during Spring Break for that reason; it's just not family friendly during those few weeks. We've also noticed a very slight trend during the summer months to becoming the next PCB, but hoping that doesn't happen. Once it does, our family vacation spot will be moved again.

Amy Wright Townsend: Part of living there...I suggest you find a nice quiet piece of land in the country...I moved from Santa Rosa Beach just under 2 years ago. I can tell you from experience that the retailers and business owners do not care about the land or the's money...that's it. Time to move!

Austin Keith Jennings: “You live in a tourist spot. Deal with it or pack it up!”

Noel Le: "[It] usually takes a complaint or call to the police before any action is taken." To whoever wrote this silly letter, yes, it takes a phone call to notify law enforcement. A phone call might take less energy than writing an uneducated letter to the local paper.

Sean Flynn: Yup. It's a special season called "thank God we're finally making some money, I thought winter would never end!"

Christopher Charles Rolf: embrace the young folks are head back home to the north. Spring breakers are only here for a few weeks. Deal with it. Its not your private beach.

Maddie Townsend: I completely agree. These "spring breakers" come and use and pollute themselves and our beaches and they don't care about anyone else bc to them that is what the area is for. Use it up. Leave it trashed. It's disgusting.

Alicia Nicole Bencivenga: We can't please everyone! Whoever wrote this letter just needs to get over it or sell their house and move to a more secluded place. We are blessed with the most beautiful beaches of course tourist want to come here every year!Us locals complain about them but we just deal with it. Its just the way it is living in paradise.

Jason Deshotels: My problem is why we are continuing to spend large amounts of tax dollars to attract even more tourists over here. We can barely accommodate the ones we have.

Sheryl D Smith: It seems that the city of Destin is incapable of dealing with anything... The powers that be are just looking to the here and now, and totally disregarding how their actions will develop down the road... Karma is funny in the way it always comes back to bite you in the a**

Laura Martin: Although I may agree, it is all about the money honey.

David Cirelli: we live in a beautiful area and these spring breakers will be the one's buying and moving to the area in coming years.