No More Leaking: Destin Community Center to get new roof

Savannah Chastain
The new roof panels and edging arrived last week and are a spiffy dark blue, the original color of the current, now faded to Carolina-blue roofing.

The Destin Community Center is set and ready to go for a much needed roof replacement.

“It’s leaking pretty bad, the roof is over 20 years old,” said Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator, Nick Coleman. “It’s mostly just due to wear and tear, but you can only do so much with a patch-up job.”

The Community Center, originally built in 1991, has weathered several hurricanes, incurring roof damage with each storm.

 “It started leaking in Opal,” said Recreation Manager Lisa Firth referring to the 1995 hurricane. “We had it repaired, but then when Ivan came (2004) it really racked it, and since then we haven’t been able to stop the leaking with repairs.”

The roofing project, which cost the city $289,560, has been in discussion for several years as Public Information Manager, Doug Rainer explained, “It’s been in the works for many years, and talked about for quite awhile.”

Coleman also stated that the city was just waiting on funding before delving into a full roof replacement.

Construction on the roof is scheduled to take place throughout the upcoming months in increments and, the staff ensured that the Community Center will remain open and fully functional.

“No programs will be hindered because of this,” said Coleman. “The paneling takes up one of our parking lot areas, that’s the only thing it hinders.”

Construction was scheduled to begin March 24, but due to unpredictable Florida spring weather, the dates have been delayed. Construction will more than likely begin this week.

“It was supposed to be started but the rain has pushed it back,” said Firth. “All the materials are here, we’re ready.”