‘A steady increase’: City sees bump in permit activity, development

Matt Algarin
The Venue Emerald Coast apartment project along Commons Drive in Destin is just one of the many development projects under construction in the city.

As well as the eye can see, development is picking up in Destin — and the numbers would agree.

“We are meeting our performance goals and permit activity is up just about 2.5 percent on average over FY2013 for the first six months of the FY2014,” Community Development Director Ken Gallander said.

The community development department is tracking development figures on a weekly basis and providing them as part of the city’s weekly report, an overview of city activities.

The update tracks everything from new permit applications and surveys to requested inspections and business tax receipts issued.

Here’s a look at the numbers for the week ending March 28:

New Permit Applications/Surveys: 63 (this week) 53 (previous week)

Permit Applications/Surveys Issued: 60 (this week) 43 (previous week)

Permit Apps/Surveys performed on time: 100 percent (this week) 100 percent (previous week)

Walk-through Permit Applications: 4 (this week) 2 (previous week)

Inspections Requested: 84 (this week) 103 (previous week)

(Eligible) Inspections Performed: 58 (this week) 70 (previous week)

Inspections performed on time: 96 percent (this week) 98 percent (previous week)

Contractor Licenses Issued: 5 (this week) 3 (previous week)

Business Tax Receipts Issued: 13 (this week) 6 (previous week)

As for development reviews, Gallander told The Log the city is seeing an increase of 42 percent compared to the same time last year (October through March). Given that the review process is the initial step for a new proposed project, Gallander said he is anticipating a higher increase in construction activity in the upcoming months and year.

“We are seeing/experiencing a steady increase in activity in development and construction activity over the last year and significantly higher over years prior,” he said.