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Sharks always have a way of drawing crowds to the docks, but they also have a way of drawing people to retweet, share, like and comment on social media. Saturday’s story about a 720-pound Mako hitting the docks drew plenty of chatter on The Log’s Facebook page. Here’s some of what people had to say.

Steve Kirby: The meat was donated. That shark fed a lot of mouths. Don’t always jump to conclusions. I have fished and hunted all my life and have never come across anyone who catches a fish or kills a deer and just leaves the meat to rot. And seriously, you really wanted them to just release it back. That's a freaking Mako! It's only one of the most dangerous sharks alive. Not saying that's a reason to kill it, but it's definitely a reason not to release it back once caught.

Nicole Timm: We eat sharks a.d. by the way our waters are filled with Makos... plenty to go around. So it's not just for show this shark feeds all of us!

Kim Stalvey: This looks like a scene from the movie JAWS As a diver it is sad . They are beautiful creatures

Ryan Elizabeth Poirrier: Cows and chickens are beautiful creatures too, but you folks screaming about a free roaming animal sure don't mind picking up some steaks from the grocery store, which come from cows that are born in a tiny pen and live a horrible live. Or how about that gallon of milk you pick up once a week? Same source. Before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

Jonathan Halley: Senseless killing of a creature so vital to our ecosystems. And im an angler myself....

Walt Freeman: What a shame. You pluck one of natures oldest and greatest predators out of the water armed with a power boat, enforced line, and no doubt a cooler full ofof keystone. Challenge, catch the next one on an even playing field. Hop in the water.

Gina Covey: Catch, take picture then Release! No reason to kill the shark.

Brenda Bibby Messer: It's a predator people.. not a gold fish. Better for them to eat him.. than release it to eat a vacationing child.. then you would be fussing because they didn't kill it.

Kevin Smithers: Some of you folks just don't understand the circle of life. What about the tens of thousands of fish that this shark has eaten in his lifetime? Did you feel sorry for each one of them? This guy would have eaten his mom if he could!

Don Holloway: They are much more valuable in the water.

Nicole Johnson: What release it so it'll go feed on Flipper or a human. Read up on Mako's!!! Not a friendly shark to have around. Makes me wanna go fishing!!!

Tony Gallina: What idiots these eco terrorists are! the shark is the top of the food chain and not in any danger regardless. We can get rid of all 7 of the man eating sharks and there would be more fish in the ocean and turtles and seals and other creatures that are currently at risk from these sharks. Kill, eat, and enjoy the catch - they are a blast to catch those Makos and eco morons go save some trees - that’s much needed for the co2.