‘It’s critical’: City to ‘piggyback’ on Coast Guard dredge project

Matt Algarin
As part of the upcoming phase one stabilization project along Norriego Point, the flanked northernmost t-groin will be repaired.

After two 5-0 votes Monday night, city leaders will capitalize on the Coast Guard’s dredging project and move forward with phase one of the Norriego Point stabilization.

“It’s critical that we get this accomplished,” City Engineer David Campbell said. “We’d like to get the contractor under contract as soon as possible.”

Since the city would be "piggybacking" on the Coast Guard’s project it must have all of the necessary checks in place prior to the actual dredge work beginning, which could easily be the middle of next week.

From a practical standpoint, Campbell told his colleagues he would like to have the contractor on site by Monday.

As part of the Coast Guard dredge project, a total of 5,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed in the northern-most embayment along Norriego Point where there is currently a breached t-groin.

The city will also have the Old Pass Lagoon Channel dredged, which will ultimately remove quite a bit of sand from the channel and mouth of the Destin harbor.

“Right now, we think, to get the channel dredged to the permitted elevation will be about 16,000 cubic yards,” Campbell said. “What we are asking for tonight is to authorize 18,000 cubic yards.”

Inland Dredging Company LLC will be the team behind the dredge. City leaders agreed to enter into a contract not to exceed $211,200 for the dredging project.

In addition to the dredging and sand placement, the city also agreed to enter into a contract with H.G. Harders and Sons, Inc. not to exceed $179,930 to remove the faulty sheet pile wall that runs from Norriego Point to the t-groin.

A new wall and cap will be installed and sand placed to cover the project area.

Work is expected to begin next week.