Mayor’s Message: A mayoral thank you

Mel Ponder
Mayor Mel Ponder

I would like to express to the Destin community what an honor it is to be able to serve you as mayor. While deciding to run for office, I reflected on my time in this community and tried to envision how I could make a difference in a place that is already so amazing and family oriented.

The conclusion I reached was that I want to be a part of something great and continue the efforts of those who have gone before me, steering Destin in a positive direction. I would like to thank Mayor Sam Seevers and the Destin City Council for laying a solid foundation for the city and always keeping the best interests of our residents, businesses and visitors in mind.

As I settle into my role as mayor, I am overwhelmed and thankful for the sense of community and family we share in our great city. Simply, I am proud to call Destin my home! Throughout my tenure as mayor, I plan to continue to build upon this tradition of community and family values and will strive to always filter things through this view.  

I call upon everyone in this community, whether you are a business owner, full-time or part-time resident, visitor or even a passerby, to look around this beautiful town of ours and think “What can I do to help or serve my community?” It is important to realize that by working in unity and leaning on one another, we can make a tremendous impact on Destin and leave it better than we found it.

Something as simple as adopting a street to clean up, or raking leaves at a park, or painting old fences, or repairing playground equipment, can make a difference to so many in this community. The list is endless of what can be done here. I encourage all who can to jump in and serve! All it takes is a little motivation and time.

And, I won’t ask anything of you that I would not readily do myself. I plan to spend my time around the community serving where I can, giving honor when I can, focusing on what unites us, speaking to groups about this amazing city we have the opportunity to live in, furthering the culture of family, and working with the council to guide Destin into a promising future for us and for those generations that will follow.

I look forward to working with all of you. I am very honored to serve you and the city in this capacity.

Mel Ponder