Main Street Betterment Alliance plants Crepe Myrtles

Savannah Chastain
Ron Sandstead, amongst others, planted Crepe Myrtles along Main Street this past weekend.

Members from The Main Street Betterment Alliance planted trees along the medians of Main Street this weekend, as part of their goal to beautify and add value to the street.

Ten young Crepe Myrtle saplings were planted with hopes that the trees will bring shade and distinction to the area. The trees were planted from the American Legion to the Post Office.

Alliance member Ron Sandstead said on the group’s Facebook page, “I too think they add beauty and give a sense of old southern charm. We are wanting them to eventually develop into 30' trees with a nice canopy, providing shade and color for everyone to enjoy.”

To learn more about the Main Street Betterment Alliance find them on Facebook or email Ron Sanstead at

Sandstead told The Log the group plans to plant more trees along Main Street in the future.

“We’d liked to have planted some more, but when we raise some more money we’ll plant more trees,” he said.