OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: New View Advertising Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The Log recently wrote a story about New View advertising, a company that uses a floating billboard to advertise on the local waterways. The story received plenty of feedback on our Facebook page. Here’s some of what they had to say.

Allyson Baxter: Haven't we hit advertising saturation yet? How much is enough?

Laura Anne Williams: New jobs! Cool!

Richard Mosley: Please!...what's next? Logos on toilet paper? Oh, wait...don't we have that already

John Majeska: duel use. advertising and towed targets for AC-130U gunship

Becky Williams Spann: Dislike!!! Way to screw up view......which is the reason we all love to be here!!!

Jill Curry Schmidt: OMG, now we have to clutter up the water & the view too?!!

Vickie Terflinger-Brown: Don't like, think it looks tacky!!! To much signs on the road sides too!! Takes away from the beauty of what Fl has.

Kathy Delconte: Horrible eye sore and actually makes me NEVER want to use them.

Mark Olson: I will NOT patronize any company that advertises with them. Join me.

Jay Reed: And the three ring circus continues!!

Wendy Demaray: I'm glad it isn't my business. I would be afraid of my friend's reactions to what I would be doing to the beauty of the beach.

Mandy Elaine: I don't mind the idea one bit... It's not like a permanent fixture or anything.... Pck your poison peaple!

To read about New View Advertising, CLICK HERE