Tax increase behind CGL’s opposition of March fire referendum

Matt Algarin

There were plenty of questions raised after the Destin Fire Control District’s millage referendum was defeated handily in March — maybe one of the biggest was why Citizens for Good Leadership, a political action committee, opposed the millage increase.

The fire district’s board of fire commissioners has met twice since the referendum was shot down, and during both meetings the residents in attendance have asked for an explanation.

When The Log posed the question to Citizens for Good Leadership Chairman Mary Anne Windes, the answer was simple and straight forward.

“As the Chairman of CGL, we are opposed to tax increases of any kind,” she wrote in an email.

The political action committee is comprised of local business owners and residents that strive to search out and endorse individuals that could be potential city leaders. During the March election, the group endorsed Jim Foreman, Scott Jacobs and Prebble Ramswell for the Destin City Council race.

Both Foreman and Ramswell were elected.