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With the news of red snapper season being reduced from 44 days to 11 days, due to an emergency rule by The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and the National Marine Fisheries Service, The Log’s Facebook page saw plenty of chatter. Here’s a little bit of what our friends had to say.

Kimberly Callis: HOW do you think we feel??? Pretty TICKED OFF!!

Rick Scheel: Noncompliance

Marybeth Szymanski: SOON ALL FISHING WILL BE BANNED! What a shame.

Derrick Meadows: Guess the commercial guys are full steam ahead? The individual that brings his family and/or friends, fills the hotels and restaurants, buys the gas (taxed at an exorbitant rate,) and keeps the charter captains in business is screwed? Along with all of those businesses owners patronized by the visitors. Its time the hospitality industry brings their big bat to the plate, charter boat organizations can't pull the whole load against big business & bigger government. I won't be making plans for our annual trip in June. That Father's Day fishing trip (I fish other times down there when snapper aren't in season, too) is what our family plans for. What a shame.

Steve Marse: That the federal government needs to be completely disassembled. This is bullcrap... The commercial fishermen are over fishing and have the Feds in Their pockets.

Roy Pike: If they only had a clue. .and they Caint setting in there office.

Kyle Holley: What I want to know is how do you keep the snapper from biting your bait?

Mike Chambless: They allow 3 boats to fish them all winter and made them a profit and we get 11 days.

Julie Rouse Dickerson: I agree with mike...give those special expensive commercial permits to those few boats who then fish all yr round; meanwhile my hubby who lives here and supports the community catches and releases for 354 days. That's BS. And what happens if it's poor fishing weather that week?

Shawn Dahnke: Most all our laws nowadays are a joke. Blame Roy Crabtree for one. Start with individual people and names. Hold each person accountable.

Angela Cox Mueller: This is terrible...And why the 3 year pilot program is so important...So this kind of regulating from people who aren't even in the industry will stop...it's not fair to people who come down all year every year and want to enjoy what made our village so special to not be able to catch red snapper-unless they all come down for those 11 days! Good grief.

Jerry Turner: At some point, we need to stand up to these people who tell us what we can do. The kings road. The kings fish. The kings deer.

Stan Lauderdale: If you go out there and dive down on a private number not a public number, you literally fall into a ball of them. The commercial fishermen that keep everything are destroying the fisheries. It's all a bunch of political BS and theirs nothing anyone can do or say. They simply want you to buy the fish from the market. It's cheaper than spending a couple hundred on fuel for a couple of fish. We are catching them and throwing them back and watching dolphin and sharks eat them.