OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Strip Club Settlement Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

With news that the city of Destin and representatives from the proposed strip club along coming to a settlement agreement to keep the club out of the city, The Log’s Facebook page saw plenty of chatter. The city agreed to pay representatives $1,750,000, plus $400,000 for the property. Here’s a little bit of what people had to say.

Josh McLean: What stops the next strip joint to purchase a piece of land and do the same thing? Quite the racket!

Brandi Barks Becquer: I feel like I'm going to try and open a strip club there for the money payout. Maybe I'll donate my payoff to the firefighters that the city can't afford...

Holly Shaw: Coming to a bus stop near you guys in Destin: A mobile strip club!!! Hop on our party bus and enjoy the ride. Hell, I'll make it a BYOB RV, $20 cover $20 dances. 15% of proceeds will benefit the local fire department!

Laurie Ledbetter Terry: I am all for it bc I didn't want a strip club right down the street from my house! Way to go Destin!

Sandi Farr: Seems like a waste. Wasn't the owner of this property killed outside his strip club in ATL?? Destin still has to pony up to stop this BS from happening? Where is the money going? Destin is a small town and can't afford to lose this kind of money.

Dale K. Robinson: Stupid waste of money. The residents objecting should have pooled their money to buy out the strip club. My guess? There will be a strip club somewhere in Destin in the end.

Tripp Williams: So let me get this straight! All I have to do is threaten to open a strip club in Destin and they will give me $2 million in Real Estate to not open one. Let me get off FB and get the paperwork started! Who in the Hell is running this town?

Andy McKavanagh: BTW, where exactly is this money coming from? Will utilities and service prices increase along with property taxes.... Someone please explain, help me to understand. Also, what is in place to keep someone else from doing this again in the future?

Thomas Watts: The whole deal is ridiculous.

Jerry Tommasone: If you like this decision then you pay for it. The city can give you a special assessment in your tax bill.

Linda Blackwood: Sad but the council was pushed to this. For everyone with condemnation and better ideas, I assume you will be running for office in the next election.

Sue Regan: It was a tough position for the city to be in. It's a lot of money, but probably way cheaper that either continuing the legal battle or allowing the club to open in that location. (Ongoing law enforcement issues and loss of property values) Directly across from that site is a proposed residential development that had been put on hold pending resolution of the strip club issue.

Tommy Johnson: What ever the cost it is less then the cost it would have created in the destruction of this city and its people.

Donna O Martin: "Yay" that this strip club will not open... but ..."settling" for any amount of money is a very dangerous precedence to set. As far as any new ideas for opening such sleezy establishments...need to get planning & zoning guidelines written in stone to prevent any future attempts. Based on comments in this thread, I wouldn't be surprised if the license office isn't flooded with new applications to open strip club, adult bookstores, etc... after all, who couldn’t use a couple mill??? As to the point of 'deep pockets'...anyone that doesn't think Trident has some very deep pockets either didn't do their homework or has a vested interest in squashing the truth! Last thought...this whole ordeal has a lot of extraordinary circumstances which definitely put Council Members between a rock & a hard place. If nothing else comes from this, I pray that lessons were learned & measures will be taken to prevent future disasters, such as this nightmare.