Edgewater Condominiums evacuated

Tom McLaughlin | Northwest Florida Daily News

Edgewater Condominium complex was ordered evacuated when flooding caused asphalt to collapse, creating what condo president Suzanne Harris described as “a 20-foot drop off in the parking lot.”

“I’ve got the biggest mess you’ve ever seen,” Harris said.

She said the crater was formed when water poured onto the Edgewater Property from the Shipwatch Condominium complex next door. A lake at the complex failed, Harris said.

“All the lakes are just draining onto my driveway,” Harris said.

She said the condominium remains structurally sound and the evacuation was ordered primarily to prevent accidents from happening.

The county announced that because Mack Bayou road had been closed Tuesday the gate between Driftwood Estates and Sandestin would be opened to allow the residents to exit Driftwood Estates.

Residents of Driftwood Estates have sued Walton County. One of the groups allegations is that the county has failed over the years to address mounting storm water drainage issues.

A structure on County Road 30A was confirmed to have collapsed, but Sheriff Mike Adkinson refuted rumors that National Guard troops had been sent to the heavily rain impacted area.

Jacquee Markel, who lives along Oyster Lake on 30A videotaped the road collapsing at nearby Big Redfish Lake as water eroded the ground beneath the asphalt.