A social approach to government: City of Destin joins Facebook

Matt Algarin

With millions and millions of users worldwide, Facebook has become the social media network of choice for most, whether they are looking to keep up with their family and friends or stay up-to-date on the latest news.

As a way to share news and reach more of the city’s visitors, the city of Destin has joined the social media world and created a Facebook page.

“Over the past year it seems that more and more people are using Facebook to get their news,” said Public Information Manager Doug Rainer. “Because of this trend, it makes sense for us to use Facebook to directly inform the public on important city information and not always rely on a third party to pass it on.”

As of Monday afternoon, the city’s official Facebook page had amassed 2,082 “likes.” When the decision was made to enter the social realm, the city aimed to have its Facebook page supplement and enhance its website.

Both the Destin Library and city of Destin Parks & Recreation department have had a presence on Facebook for the past two years.

Rainer told The Log that the city looked to see which other municipalities in the area had a social media presence and how they were used.

“Pensacola has one,” he said. “Some of the more progressive cities we looked at have them.”

Given its leap into Facebook, would the city consider adding a presence on Twitter, Instagram or any other social networks?

“Our recreation department and library use Twitter,” Rainer said. “We’ll feel our way though it and see what works the best.”

To find the city of Destin on Facebook, search City of Destin Government or click here. You can find the recreation department on Twitter as well, and library on Twitter and Pintrest.