Relax, it’s spa day

Savannah Chastain
Rhonda Arledge and Dixie Meador, a mother and daughter from Ethel, La., relax in the sauna at The Spa at Silver Shells.

Editor’s Note: As part of the “100 days of Summer,” The Log will be exploring Destin and the activities it has to offer during the summer season. This week the featured pastime is Spas.

The Spa at Silver Shells

Spa. Just the sound of that word is relaxing. Thoughts of full-body massages, soothing facials, and alluring aromas quickly come to mind.

In Destin one spa that is popular with both locals and visitors is The Spa at Silver Shells.

“We are real down to earth and comfortable. Our amenities and our incredible staff are really what get people coming back,” said Assistant Spa Director, Karla Paris.

With every spa treatment, Silver Shells includes use of the pool and Jacuzzi, the weight and cardio rooms, and their spacious locker rooms.

“Both men’s and women’s locker rooms have saunas, and the women’s also has a steam room,” said Paris. “Guests will come in here and get their robes on, and then we will take them to the relaxation room.”  

In the relaxation room, guests have another pampering treat awaiting them; free mimosas.

Kelly Corales, and Lucinda Rodriguez from Victoria, Texas were enjoying their complimentary drinks after therapeutic deep tissue massages and were excited to share their spa experience.

“I would say that this massage was a tie with the best massage I’ve ever had,” said Rodriguez. “I like Silver Shells because it’s not pretentious, it’s just right.”

“You could tell she knew her stuff, she read me like a book,” said Corales, praising her massage therapist Katie Rodriguez. “I would come back this week if I could.”

Massage therapist Lisa Kattine gave the grand tour of the facility which, in addition to it aforementioned amenities, boasts seven massage rooms, and a full hair and nail salon and a Vichy shower table for mud wraps and body scrubs.

 “If it’s your first time to have a massage we’re going to walk you through it,” said Kattine. “We want to make sure everyone gets the best we can give.”

The Spa at Silver Shells is located at 15000 Emerald Coast Parkway. For more information on pricing or booking call 337-5107 or visit

Massage Envy Spa

Massage Envy Spa is another popular Destin spa and welcomes guests with a sheik modern atmosphere. What makes this spa unique is that, as a nationwide franchise, Massage Envy honors memberships from any part of the country, giving out-of-town guests the same discounted rates on vacation as they would find in their hometown.  

“We have a mix of locals and tourists both because of the membership — it can be used in any Massage Envy across the nation,” said owner, Rosemary Martinek.

 When it comes to the detailed care expected at a spa, Martinek explained the two-part process for insuring a personalized visit.

“Each guest fills out a customization form and a wellness form before we begin, and using that we formulate the best massage for them so they have a good experience with us,” she said. “We do massage therapy, healthy skin facials, enhanced aroma therapy and sugar foot scrubs.”

The Destin Massage Envy location offers 16 therapy rooms, and one tranquility room for relaxation before and after the session. Each therapy room is equipped with a hydraulic massage table, a soft heating blanket, and adjustable lighting and music for added ambiance.

When asked what the draw is for a massage, Martinek told The Log, “If someone asked me ‘Why should I get a massage?’ I would say, It’s good for stress related conditions, and chronic pain, it promotes relaxation and reduces any pain and it even promotes circulation and improves balance and flexibility.”

Lead therapist Rebecca Garrett shared that her recommendation for first-time guests is to keep an open mind.

“I evaluate massages based off of individual needs,” she said “I usually start with a basic Swedish massage, then customize from the first visit what they will need for the rest of their treatment.”

Massage Envy Spa is located at 34904 Emerald Coast Parkway. For more information call 650-8500 or visit


There are several spas in Destin. Here is a list of some of the places to relax and enjoy some pampering.

Edge of Paradise Day Spa 650-4569

Emerald Grande Spa 337-8150

Massage Envy Spa 650-8500

Royal Palm Spa 351-0600

Slender Smith’s Day Spa 650-9989

Spa at Silver Shells 337-5107