OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Highway 98 Edition

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OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Highway 98 Edition

After posting a photo of a van with the sticker “US 98 Destin’s Highway from HELL” shared by Casey Ryan Barber, The Log’s Facebook page saw plenty of chatter.

Mary Kay O'Neil Riggs: Yup, I'd say the Emerald Coast's Highway from HELL.Here are some of the comments left by some of The Log’s 20,000-plus social media friends.

Jenny Oehm: Yes...98 is horrible this time of year....Sad. the 1960's-80's is calling, it wants its Beach BACK !!

Ashley Murphy Cessna: Hell until you reach Heaven at the beautiful Destin beaches!

Paul PJ McCreary: Just pay attention and drive safe.

Melanie Randell: Totally agree....that was always the drive home from hell.

Kasey McConnell: Yup that's why I drive the Backroads at every opportunity.

Gina Garrett Whitaker: The price we pay to live in paradise old cliche but true.

Ryan Mabry: The price we pay? It's the price we pay for electing people who are terrible at planning for the future.

Kristina Crawley: Need to add 4 more lanes to the highway!!!

Hugo Berrios Saenz: The problem is that people, especially tourists do not realize that the whole portion of Hwy 98 that runs from Grand Boulevard all the way to Harbor Walk it is an area where tourist walk, people ride bikes and motorcycles. Since the speed limit has not been adjusted to this reality, people drive over 60 or 70 mph. I believe the speed limit should be 45-35 mph along that part of Hwy 98. Hwy 98 is known as "Bloody 98.”

Patrick Caudle: Better than the other nickname "bloody 98" I'd say.

Katie McDaniel Essex: I love the Jesus fish on the van just below where it says hell. LOL.

Steve Marse: Those in power allowed the developers come in and run amuck... With zero future infrastructure planning.

Karen Snead Scott: Destin has to do something in the next few years. I'm sure all the tax dollars from the tourists would help pay for alternate routes. Not to mention the tax dollars from residents of the city. Destin seems to have it's priorities set on other things right. Lately it has not been the "needs" of a city, that's for sure! And I won't begin to discuss that on this website. Ugh.

Judy Ricks: Agreed. Live in FWB and used to enjoy summer events in Destin. Sadly, no longer.

Harold Satterfield: Its not you tourist. The Florida Department of Transportation has NO clue as to what "traffic flow" is. Take notice when driving around on Hwy 98. You will soon discover that the traffic signals are so out of sync it is pathetic. With today's technology there is no excuse for the timing of the lights being off so much. Driving the speed limit, the lights can be control so you never have to stop at a light. This encourages proper speed and makes for a more pleasurable drive.

Sandie Page Harris: Destin needs to stop building and expanding until it has done a better job with infrastructure. Sidewalks and pedestrian crossovers need to be built. Find a way to get thru traffic lanes separate from lanes where shoppers are going in and out of complexes. Solve the existing problem before creating another one.

Angela Martin Johnson: It's something u deal with when u come for a visit, vaca, or live here. Just deal with it. It'll be ok.