HART: Obama administration’s selective prosecution of opponents

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The Destin Log

Rosemary Beach — Never in our country's history has an administration used “our government” so aggressively against its enemies. It has attempted to harm opponents through selective prosecutions, thereby sending a message to anyone who might be in opposition.

Government, armed with layers of laws on the books, can arrest anyone in America it pleases. If a policeman follows you in his car from New York to Miami, he will find a reason to pull you over.

Consider a few of the recent contrived cases brought by Democrats against Republicans. I ask any liberal out there to show me a list of such prosecutions of Democrats by a Republican administration when the latter was in power.

Dinesh D’Souza: I know Dinesh, a kind and thoughtful man. He wrote “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” which did a masterful job of explaining the root cause of Obama’s contempt for traditional American values. He also gave us the movie, “2106: Obama’s America,” before the 2012 reelection. That put him on the enemies list; he was prosecuted for causing a Dartmouth friend to donate $5,000 to the GOP opposition to New York’s Senator Hildebrand. Never mind that the Supreme Court has ruled that violated the First Amendment. The Feds sought Dinesh out and got him on this dubious charge. He will spend 10 to 16 months in jail.

Even liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz says Dinesh was singled out, “I cannot help but think his politics had something to do with it … it smacks of selective prosecution.”

Phil Mickelson: A pro golfer who publicly lamented his tax rate of 63 percent, saying he might have to move out of California with its 13.3 percent state tax. Fast forward to a few weeks ago: The SEC is reported to have gone after him on a charge of insider trading. He supposedly got a third-hand tip from a Las Vegas bookie about something. It was a very weak case at best, leaked to the media to teach Phil a lesson.

Sheldon Adelson: The largest GOP donor and owner of the Las Vegas Sands Casino found himself the target of dual probes by the SEC and DOJ. (Of course, the probes were leaked to the press.) The Justice Department theory was that drug users’ money goes to dealers who pay Mexican drug gangs for drugs. The money then goes through Adelson’s Sands Casino to GOP candidates. Perhaps Dems are just mad they have been unwittingly funding Republicans.

If a customer gambled on an outcome with the low odds the Justice Department had in this case, Adelson would have his casino send a plane for him.

The Haslam Family of Tennessee: Republican Governor Bill Haslam’s family gas station business was ceremoniously raided by the Feds (FBI and IRS) last year.

Gov. Bob McDonnell: A rare GOP governor in Virginia, McDonnell was prosecuted by the Feds because his wife supposedly accepted small gifts from a businessman. The government “stretched the law to the breaking point” to bring this suit, said an attorney involved.

Gov. Scott Walker: One of the rising stars in the GOP, who fought abusive unions in Wisconsin and survived a recall election they manufactured in 2012, is being hassled by the Feds. According to that paragon of honesty, the most reverend Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, said on PMSNBC that Walker is the “center of a nationwide criminal scheme.”

This is the same Honest Al Sharpton who had to admit to being a New York mob informant. I am not sure what made the mafia think Sharpton would honor any Oath of Silence. Sharpton says he is not worried about mob retribution, but he does ask his driver to turn town the bass in his Denali as they roll through Little Italy.

There is no way that the above dubious prosecutions of various conservatives are just chance. And all these examples do not count the abuse of power when Fox News correspondent James Rosen's phones and emails were tapped. As were his parents. Plus the non-prosecutions of Democrats like James Clapper, who ball-face lied to Congress saying the NSA was not spying on us. Why didn’t Holder prosecute him?

The Democrats are in the majority and have been since 2008. Would you not think there would be an equal number of high profile Democrats prosecuted by the DOJ?

It would be nice to see a debate between Obama and someone on the right, like Stephen Hayes, on why this is happening. I think it's because no one is paying attention, and the media is not covering the continued abuses. It could be like the Lincoln–Douglas Debates and, like that historic event, no one would watch it on TV. Especially if the Kardashians are on.

Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author and TV/radio     commentator. Email Ron@RonaldHart.com or visit www.RonaldHart.com.