Cooking with ‘passion’: Kitchenique serves up food, wine and laughter

Kristiana Scott
Chef Tim Creehan demonstrated a chicken and andouille gumbo during a recent cooking class.

A glass of wine, a three-course meal prepared by a renowned local chef, and a room filled with laughter is what Kitchenique is all about.

Kitchenique Cooking School started in 1985 and, after a stint in Sandestin, moved to the Cuvee Catering Center in Miramar Beach. Vicki McCain, owner of Kitchenique, said the new kitchen offers much more space for a bigger and better culinary experience.

“This is a great home for us,” McCain said. “We have top-of-the-line appliances for our chefs, more space to accommodate larger groups and a schedule of classes that covers everything from knife-skills to making a delicious gumbo.”

With classes multiple times a week, McCain said there’s something for everyone — food truly is the universal language.

“We get such a diverse crowd in all of our classes,” McCain said. “But we all share the same passion — passion for food, wine and sharing ideas. It’s all about great food and good friends.”

And with good food, comes great chefs.

“We want to show our customers the culinary talent we have in this area,” McCain said. “Having local chefs engage their customers and practicing their craft right in front of them is so special.”

One local chef, Cuvee Bistro owner Tim Creehan, has cooked at Kitchenique classes from the very beginning.

“We were doing these classes back before the Food Network even existed,” Creehan said. “And it’s continued to be successful because the locals — chefs and customers — keep coming back. Our community thrives on locals supporting locals.

Creehan is a regular chef at Kitchenique and said it’s a different dynamic than anything else he does.

“From a chef’s standpoint, getting the opportunity to practice your craft in front of someone brings it to a different level,” he said. “You get to see the appreciation on their face when they taste your dish. It’s really something.”

Kitchenique Cooking School is located at the Cuvee Catering Center, 12590 Emerald Coast Pkwy Suit C in Miramar Beach. For more information and to view the full schedule of classes, visit their website at