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The Destin Log

As of late there have been quite a few wrecks in and around the Destin area, with a few of them being rollovers. This topic garnered plenty of chatter on Facebook. Here’s what some of our social friends had to say.

Brandon Haywood: When I moved to NW Florida 5 years ago, I had only seen one roll over wreck. In the first 6 months I lived here, I saw at least four, including one in the middle of the Marler Bridge. I've lost track since then. What is it about this area that causes so many bad wrecks?

Chrístopher Bíngham: There sure are a lot of crashes in the area. Is this due to the busy tourist season or too many adult beverages?

Teri Reed: I guess the cops need to beef up patrol.

Jessica Perrotto: Oh goodness, I'm telling you, one a day. It’s scary out there. Hope everyone is okay.

Jes R Willis: I am always wondering how they flip there car! It happens all the time on hwy 98.

Kay Smith: I think there is a gravity problem in Destin. I've never heard of so many roll over accidents. It seems there is at least one a day.

Candyce Gray Brantley: Can someone please explain how we have so many rollovers with such low speed limits!?!?

Cheryl Ann: omg r u kidding me ANOTHER ROLL OVER… how do they do that? PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE....

Robert Davis: When I lived there 4 years ago this was a regular occurrence this is nothing new. Too much sun and beer and no enough public transportation.

Ben Hartley: Doesn't matter how much you pay attention, accidents happen. No one in this area have the right to question other people's skills, you are ALL bad (myself included at times). Roll overs aren't that hard to do, it's physics, if you are going in a forward motion there is potential for a roll over with an impact or sudden jerking motion. Just saying. Just feel bad that this person just flipped their car instead of criticizing. Also I don't know how the police can stop a roll over from happening.

Rich Davey: Bummer, an out of state'er? Has to be speed or texting!

Barbara Venus: People drive 55-65 in a 40-45 speed limit. Every morning someone keeps passing in the right turn lane driving about 70

Marty Bullock: Are we close to setting a record for summer traffic accidents? That'd be great for tourism. We could tag it on our "Welcome" sign at the bridge...

Kristina Crawley: Probably because rubber neckers ate taking pictures while driving. ..

Lora Howard McAllister: Most flipped cars I have seen here, ever!!!

Jessica Nicole: What is up with all of the flipped cars this year? It's like 1-2 a week

Melanie Randell: I will NEVER understand how there are so many roll overs there!!

Susan Morris: How is it that so many cars flip in all these wrecks on 98? Are they going that fast? I spend 3 weeks in Destin every June and never see people going that fast.

Judy Elliott Crenshaw: Just rename it rollover , city

Jack Storey Jr.: New town motto... I flip for Sandestin!

up !!!

Denise Marie: Those of us that are the late for work every single day slow down to take a picture to prove to our boss that yes there is yet another freakin rollover