Chef Jim Shirah, kids create fantastic meal at Destin Community Center (PHOTOS)

Kathy Harrison
Chef Jim Shirah talks to his students during the cooking and serving class at the Destin Community Center Thursday.

The second summer cooking and serving class held this year at the Destin Community Center was a big success Thursday afternoon for Chef Jim Shirah and 12 of his students.

During the three-day session, the students plan a dinner menu, learn manners and etiquette, nutrition, how to serve, clean up and write thank you notes. They also learn about nutrition, food bacteria and how to avoid them while cooking.


Chef Shirah said this was a great event and he saw pride on the kids' faces and on their guests' faces at the end of dinner. For Chef Shirah, introducing seafood in his menu is important since we live in Destin.

"Not all the kids were to eager to eat the shrimp, but al least some of them tried it," he said. "Every class gets better and better and I enjoy the students who make a great difference and the crew at The Destin Community Center. What are next... my pastry class, another fun and delicious class coming some time this fall at the Community Center."