Uniquely Destin: Readers share what makes Destin one-of-a-kind (PHOTOS)

Matt Algarin
Crab Island was tops among the places in Destin listed as unique.

So what makes Destin Destin? Is it the sugar white beaches, the emerald green waters, the fact that the city lies on a peninsula, or the fact that it's home to the state's largest fishing fleet? They don't call Destin the "World's Luckiest Fishing Village" for no reason.

The Log posed the question "What makes Destin unique?" on its Facebook page, and the answers have been wide-ranging, shifting from the simplistic "beach" answer to very specific restaurants and fishing to contentious issues such as traffic.

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"What's unique about Destin is the people who were raised here and live here full time," wrote Steve Brown. "The boat captains, deckhands, artists, cooks, dishwashers, the people who love Destin for what it is and not the tourist town it becomes in the summer."

As a self-described snowbird, Mike Rivard said he has been coming to Destin for 25 years, and what makes the city unique to him is "obvious."

"The beach, HarborWalk, the malls, Mattie Kelly, and Baytowne Wharf," he wrote. As for the less obvious, he listed beautiful sunsets at AJ's, Saturday afternoons with a cold beer and fresh shrimp at Dewey Destin's on the bay, late night winter walks along the Gulf, and the friendly good mornings while walking and biking along Scenic Hwy. 98.

So what else makes Destin unique? Here are some of the other suggestions.

Bob Crawford Dewey Destin's and the Driveway down to it.

Katie McDaniel Essex I think you should look at something that has been in Destin since the beginning. The round Holiday Inn was the first hotel in Destin. The Boathouse would be a good one too.

Tim Broom Largest Charter Fleet in the state, Crab Island, Destin Fishing Rodeo.

Sarah Herbst Drahn The mural on the side of Legendary Marina at Mid-Bay bridge.

Chris Uriarte Crab Island, the beaches and beautiful water. Not to mention all the great folks that live there and makes us "tourists" feel at home.

Jay Pugh The charter boats, Harbor Docks. Ships Chandler, our unique pass.

Jennifer Martin Sparks Crab Island, Dewey Destin on the bay, fishing rodeo, emerald waters, and fishing (well at least it used to be before the federal and state regulations).

Jared Michael The Destin Dome!!

Brian Hollis Just Destin itself. It is beautiful.

Sheryl D Smith Hate to inform y'all ... There really isn't anything unique about Destin... Massive traffic jams ... Waterfront eateries.. Strip malls.. Condos... Tourists ... Sounds a lot like Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Tampa...

Megan Everette 1. Fishing Rodeo 2. Crab Island 3. AJ's. 4. Traffic. 5. Amberjack.

Angela Alberson Robinson Crab Island. The Back Porch. Harbor Docks. Hogs Breath (although originally Okaloosa island). The Matterhorn! Green Knight. Fish weigh ins.

PA DeFrenza The aqua blue water, soft white sand, pine forests, "locals" discounts, fresh grilled seafood and free music concerts...

So what makes Destin unique to you? Share your pictures with us via email at news@thedestinlog.com or on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thedestinlog.