Putting the bounce back in your step

Laura Hall, Under the Radar
1. Linda Adams, Destin, of American Realty USA, takes time out to relax and exercise.

People who want to workout have tried biking, hiking, running, ripping and now, the latest fitness craze is the Kangoo Jumps. 

This is one crazy looking activity but offers so many incredible health benefits to adults as well as juniors. The boots look like snow skiing boots with plenty of sturdy ankle support. The loop spring fastened to the bottom of the boots cushions every stride and puts an exhilarating lift in every step. 

The benefits for serious runners, joggers, use in exercise classes, and people recovering from medical disabilities is enormous. If you every wanted to feel like Neil Armstrong must have felt when he bounced around for those first small steps on the moon, this is it.

Developed by a Swiss engineer in 1994, this recreational sport device is found to reduce up to 80 percent impact on joints and burns 25 to 50 percent more calories than a traditional exercise. They are advertised as a means of reducing body fat, strengthening muscles, increasing agility and a good aerobic workout for the heart.  I’m told this is a joint pleasing workout as these boots allow the musculoskeletal system to strengthen while protecting joints from the chronic fatigue associated with exercising on hard surfaces.

Driving along in my car, I nearly had a wreck when I first saw Linda Adams bouncing along in her Kangoo Jumps. I was enchanted after seeing her springy bounces that resembled Spiderman getting ready for a bound up the nearest building. 

I asked Linda what she thought about her boots and her reply was, “I can tell you that it gives you a great workout all over the body and it is done in such a fun way. Just be prepared to stop as every other car, or people along the way that you pass, will stop and ask what in the world is that on your feet. The first time I put on my boots, I walked around the house about five minutes to get ready to try them outside. It was not difficult for me to make that transition and I love them.”

As far as I know, these can not be bought in any store. You can find them online through Amazon. Just be prepared that the price facing you for all this fun is going to be around.

The fun you are going to have and the great workout on aching hips, bad knees and other joints… priceless.