Mojo: Comfortable, Durable Sportswear

Christine Garger is the manager of the flagship Mojo store in Destin at 98 Palms, which is open every day.

The next generation sportsfishing apparel is here — Mojo Sportswear Company. The brand, which started in Fort Walton Beach three years ago, has expanded into Destin and Santa Rosa Beach.

“The community has really embraced us,” said Destin store manager Christine Garger. “The response to our clothing has been overwhelmingly positive. We are getting bigger and bigger every year.”

Mojo Sportswear is a new kind of fishing apparel, carrying on the tradition of functionality and durability for the serious fisherman while introducing a unique look and feel that makes the line perfect for wearing on or off the boat, according to their website, The store offers shirts, shorts, face guards, hats, visors, beanies, shoes and more — incorporating the latest advances in fabrics to give the wearer great sun protection while keeping them cool and dry.

“Our clothing is comfortable and durable,” Garger said. “It’s very light-weight, fun and colorful. And it’ll keep you protected and dry.”

Mojo opened its flagship store in 98 Palms in Destin last year, and recently opened a kiosk on the Destin harbor. The sportswear brand has also moved into the Santa Rosa Beach community, being sold at Reef Beach Services and Rentals.

“It’s such a great opportunity to expand to these areas,” Garger said. “It’s fun to see people wearing our brand and seeing how excited they are about it. We hope to keep expanding and get more involved with the community.”

One reason for this explosive growth is Mojo Sportswear’s focus on providing the highest quality, best performing clothing on the market. They also focus on providing a wide range of products, recently adding a kid’s clothing line so the entire family is covered.

And, more importantly, protected.

The biggest factor that sets Mojo wear apart from others is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor, of UPF, that is woven into the fabric. Garger explained that most of the clothing, besides the cotton t-shirts, has a different UPF rating, from 50-plus and down, keeping you protected all day from the sun.

The visionary behind Mojo Sportswear Company is Tim Mossberg, an avid saltwater fisherman. His vision to create the next level of sport fishing apparel became a reality when Mojo launched in 2009. The name Mojo is shared with the fishing vessel of Mossberg’s close friend and business partner, Rodger Bagwell, symbolizing the life of the fisherman, the love of the sport and the freedom of the open seas. Fishing is a lifestyle, according to the website.

Mojo Sportswear, 981 U.S. 98 E. in Destin, is open seven days a week, noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Learn more at their website at