Cindy Cole Fine Homes sells 'lifestyles and investments'

Located on an expanded Gulf-front lot in Destiny by the Sea, 4754 Ocean Blvd offers a private lagoon pool and home theatre. Offered at $4,998,644.

Bigger isn't always better, and that's exactly the case with the business focus at Cindy Cole Fine Homes.

"I think the fallacy about building a real estate business is that you do it by meeting random people in the grocery store." said Broker Cindy Cole. "Instead, our business is built around a very specific set of skills, knowledge and contacts. We then take those business assets and target a very select set of buyers and sellers. We are very specific in what we do."

Cindy Cole Fine Homes is a boutique real estate company that specializes in the representation of buyers and sellers of luxury real estate and investment property on or near the water. "The more we specialize, the better we become at doing what we do very well," Cole says.

But does the company's narrow focus hurt their selling ability? “Quite the contrary,” Cole says. “When we list a property, the chances are we are going to sell it because we know which buyers to go to. Nothing we do is random or accidental.”

But not every property is a match for Cindy Cole Fine Homes. One thing Cole likes to say is that, “We don't sell shelter, we sell ‘lifestyles and investments.’"

In the luxury market, buyers and sellers are very affluent — no frills and fuss — and they don't shy away from talking about money. The majority of the properties they purchase are cash transactions, which is evidenced by the fact that Cole has only had two mortgages since 2009.

"At this level, people know what they want and they are not likely going to look at more than two or three properties before making a decision," she said. “An agent better know her stuff and know it quickly. These are not customers that want to waste your time, and they certainly don’t want you to waste theirs."

Since 2009, Cole has sold more Gulf-front homes on the Emerald Coast than any other agent. In 2012, she responded to customer demand for a fully focused luxury brand and opened Cindy Cole Fine Homes.

But it's not all about Cole, and she'll be the first to tell you that. The Cindy Cole Fine Homes team is comprised of a Cole; Realtor and General Manager Donna Rainwater; Listing Coordinator Pam Tedesco; and Marketing Director Brooklyn Cole.

Mary Skinner, Broker Associate joined the brokerage this year after serving as sales manager for a major local brokerage. Mary is building her own personal business around waterfront condos in keeping with the brokerage’s highly focused market philosophy. “We’ve had a huge demand to broaden our focus to luxury condos. Mary’s skill and experience is allowing us to do that,” Cole stated.

So what is the way forward from Cole's perspective?

"For us, it's that we continue to practice real estate very intentionally," she said. "We’ll sharpen our skills and learn all we can about a very small market focus.”

While some areas of the market may be lagging after the crash, Cole says the "value is still there" in the Gulf-front market and the condo market and has "great potential."

Skinner says that people will start to gravitate toward the bay in the next couple of years, adding that the market definitely needs some new construction product.

"I think you are starting to see some teardowns and people are building new things, which is really healthy for our market," Skinner said. "People are starting to pay for quality of product, as opposed to commodity.”

As for the area as a whole, "we still offer a unique lifestyle and a secure investment. I don’t think anyone is making another Gulf or any sand as white as ours.” Cole said.

To learn more about Cindy Cole Fine Homes call 850-502-6344 or visit their website at They offer complimentary property valuations.