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Representatives from Okaloosa County came to Destin recently to update city leaders on the beach trash situation. This was a hot topic of conversation on social media. Here’s what some of The Log’s Facebook friends had to say.

Representatives from Okaloosa County came to Destin recently to update city leaders on the beach trash situation. This was a hot topic of conversation on social media. Here’s what some of The Log’s Facebook friends had to say.

Keith Ousterhout: Understand all of the obstacles, but only 1 and a half tons of garbage a day is nothing! We used to get that much garbage off of a beach in Rhode Island that wasn't even a half mile long on any given Monday morning during the summer and that beach was cleaned 7 days a week and had more trash barrels than all of Destin's beaches. Public beaches need to be cleaned 7 days a week during tourist season. Thing I have noticed this year is they are late in emptying trash cans, which leads to messier problems if they are overflowing already.

Sandi Farr: It's simple people — come to the beach but don't leave anything but your footprints WHEN YOU LEAVE. First come, first serve for a spot & any unattended items will be considered "trash" and dealt with. How hard is that??

Amy Grafton White: We have been coming to Destin for many years and stay in the Miramar area. At first we saw the tractors raking the beach every night. But the last few years we haven't seen them at all. We always pick up our tent at chairs at end of the day and are careful to not leave trash. I also noticed more trash in the water this year than ever before. We love coming to Destin. It's a piece of paradise and we want it to stay that way.

Kathee Buehner: That's what happens when government gets involved.

Billy Rose: Yeah the beach has become one big ash tray full of cigs no one cares. U can't even lay out and get a tan without laying on cigarettes its nasty people need to care more for the beaches we have to enjoy not destroy them.

Sheila Dollins White: As a vacationer to your beautiful beaches, I want to thank you for keeping them so clean and well maintained. No one should leave stakes to their canopies or chairs etc. on the beaches overnight. It takes all of us, vacationers or anyone on the beach, to keep the beaches clean. Leaving anything overnight will only lead to messy, dirty, ugly beaches. Anything left overnight should be removed and thrown away. A few who have no respect for the beauty of the beaches or others should not ruin it for the rest of us. I love Okaloosa Island and Destin. Keep it beautiful!

Julie Dunn Stinson: I'm a tourist but I'm also a decent person. I clean my trash up & make sure that not even straw wrappers from my kid’s juice boxes hit the beach. I wish all tourists were the same way because they make locals dislike us.

Gwynn Alcorn: I'm impressed with the job the Public Works staff is doing, given the issues they face. My Canadian family came to visit in May and were appalled at the lack of trash receptacles. They brought all their trash to our house in Bluewater Bay for a week. Tourists are not totally to blame for trash, neither is the PW staff. 175 garbage cans for 6.5 miles of beach! Not enough!

Catherine Soccoa Starace: It's been really bad. I have loved going to the beach and have never left one speck of garbage behind. The beach is so full of trash you can only wonder what that says about people.

Eric Bensel: When a process is established where the litterers are caught and fined a HEFTY fine for leaving their waste behind; all will take more notice, both tourists and locals alike as this is still an issue year round.

Ruth S. Parks: We have vacationed in Destin for the past 5 years (twice this year) the 2nd trip was the last week in June. The trash was horrible!! Come on people clean up after yourselves!!!

 Karen Parker Rogers: What is wrong with people today? smh

Scott Grant: I pick up others trash and throw it away. Pollution is no good, keep it clean it's all our job. Even if some other slob can't do it, show him, he will follow.

Ella Keefhaver: I’m a tourist do not appreciate how quick we blame for the trash problem since some one comment said the trash is a year round problem that tells me its the locals. I come from California where they have trash can every where and signs posted every where that warns you and penalties for litter bug and the hefty fine that goes with it. Also residents of Destin or near by cities don't hate we bring you A LOT OF MONEY and business to your town and we love your town just as much as you do for it beauty and we respect the beaches.

Gloria Whidden: "Not enough trash cans"?! No - there aren't enough people who are responsible and take their crap with them when they leave! They'd rather dump it at the beach entrance and/or leave for someone else to deal with.

Jeni Gordon Huckstep: Sad how much is left for trash! Personally I also think it is getting Ridiculous the HUGE amount of chair/umbrella companies that set up way to many chair/umbrella sets that sit empty and take up room. We come to the beach and we have all these empty chairs! What are the rules, if any, for these? I respect someone wanting to make money but it's just not ok that these empty chairs take up a lot of space!!

Jessica Tresch Spencer: Jeni, those chairs & umbrellas are provided by condo staff to their paying guests.

Gwynn Alcorn: Regarding cigarette butts, the homeless or industrious could make extra income from collecting them. There is a company paying for cigarette butts, operating across the USA. They recycle them to make industrial plastic lumber. NJ-based Terracycle started its cigarette butt collection business in Vancouver, BC, and opened its second one in New Orleans. The City of New Orleans is paid $4 per lb. of butts by TerraCycle.

Teri Machemehl Blasko: When you say tourist, you should be saying college kids, they are the worst offenders I see at the beach! A lot of kids these days act so entitled!

Christopher Doyle McClure: Build "life guard towers" but put local police officers inside them. When they spot a family get up and leave trash behind, write them a ticket. Done.

Mindy York: People are trashy everywhere. I own apartments complexes and got so tired of picking up cigarette butts that I finally imposed a $10.00 fine for any cigarette butt I find in front of a tenants apartment...guess what, our complexes have never been cleaner.

Richard Eimers: Blah blah blah blah, same old rhetoric different day, there are signs posted at all Destin & Miramar public beach access that things left on the beach over night will be picked up and dumped, all we need is a little ENFORCEMENT, just like everything else empty words without follow through, welcome to Okaloosa & Walton county politics.

Marlene Lawson: Good - I can't believe some people could be so inconsiderate. Everybody needs to take their own trash !

Bob Strongarms: They need to nip it now before it truly gets out of hand.

Sharon Baker: Award the trash pickup contract to Sandman. I have lived here for 8 years and go to the beach regularly. There was not a problem

Gary Turner II: I work at a shop by the DMV and it was over a week before the dumpsters were emptied.