POOCH SCOOP: A day at the Destin Dog Races?

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The Destin Log
There are several dog-friendly activities around Destin.

Yip, Yap at the Annual 5K Wag N Walk with the Dogs — Bark all about it because preregistration for the Pooch & Pal, Wag N Walk race is now open until Sept. 1for only $20. The race starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15. Registration from Sept 1 to Nov. 14 is $25 and on the day of the race is $30.

No Hunting dog needed — You can register for the walk/run event online now at http://www.active.com/destin-fl/running/2nd-annual-wag-n-walk-2014or pick up a form and register for the 5K Wag N Walk Pooch event at Destin City Hall or the Community Center. 

Best in Show— Prizes for the biggest and smallest dog and best dog/owner look alike will be awarded. So if you and your furry kid resemble each other, be creative and dress to match for a chance to win.

A Night Life at the Dog Park?Yap, yap, sign up now for the Wag N Walk with your furry kid and/or your two legged kids, as all race proceeds will go to pay for night lights at the Destin Dog Park. Don’t have a dog? It’s no problem, as everyone, big and small is welcome to run or walk.

Howling for All Artists— The “Friends of the Destin Dog Park” is asking local artists to design a T-shirt for our Wag N Walk race. Artists can pick up an entry form at Destin City Hall, the Community Center, or at the “Friends” table during the Fat Tuesday parade events at the harbor. You can drop off your submission at the Dog Park meeting at 6 p.m. Sept. 2 at the Destin City Annex. (Woof: located next to the Destin Dog Park) The entries will be posted on The Friends of The Destin Dog Park Facebook page for a public like voting contest. Deadline for art submissions is Sept. 5. A $50 prize goes to the winning entry. Artist’s submissions may be used for later events.  

The Fat Tuesday or Pawdi Gras Paradeis at 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the harbor until Labor Day. Contact barbaraetelford@gmail.comif you and your Pooch want to join the fundraising group at the HarborWalk parades. They sure could use a lot more Pooch lovin’ volunteers.

It’s Chow time— Remember the tainted dog food scare that took the lives of many dogs? Well, that’s always a concern with any commercial foods. A pawsome way for you to control the quality and get  great health benefits, too, is to make it yourself.  Baked chicken or salmon with steamed rice and sweet potatoes, is filled with omega 3’s, vitamin E, C and A for a healthy skin and coat. So skip the expensive canned food and add a scoop of this power chow as a topper to their premium dry kibble.  

The Food Scoop — “The incredible edible EGG” is nutritionally packed with protein for muscle, Vitamin A for cell growth, zinc to support protein absorption for healthy connective tissues and biotin which is effective in treating dry itchy skin associated with skin allergies. Give 1 scrambled or hard-boiled egg a day to keep the itching at bay.

Ruffcipes — One chopped egg and ½ cup of cooled steamed rice mixed with any premium dry food. Or try an oats and egg scramble with 2 beaten eggs, ½ cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup goats milk. Mix, let stand 10 minutes then coat a fry pan with olive oil and scramble. Oats have vitamin B and iron which are good for a dog’s digestive tract to remove toxins. Or try Sautéed Liver Pate’ with ½ lb. liver, 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 tsp. sea salt and 1 Tbsp. olive oil. Cook liver well in an olive oil coated pan, cool. Puree the liver, eggs, olive oil and salt. Refrigerate in airtight container and serve 1 scoop a day alone or as a topper to regular food.

BeWoof— Check with your vet about adding new foods slowly to Fido’s diet and ask if your pooch would have any dietary restrictions. Find lots of people food for dogs recipes online.

Grrrowl — The City of Destin contracts with PAWS for animal control. To report any wild or domestic aggressive animal on weekdays, call 850-244-0196. Nights and weekends, call 850-685-6003. There are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. Please call 911 if you are hurt or in danger. Call Paws or the Sheriff’s non-emergency 850-651-7400 to report a problem.

Fight or Flight with a Dogdoes not work. If approached by a strange dog, stand still — do not run. If a dog attacks your dog, stand still. Call for help, then try yelling LOUD and FIRM at the aggressive dog, “ No! Bad Dog! Go Home!” My firm commands stopped a dog attack by two loose pit bulls, briefly. When the dogs retreated, I walked very slowly; the two dogs circled around me for two more charges. I repeated the steps above until I could get safely in a house to call the Sherriff. Always carry a cell phone with you on any walk; you never know when you may need help.  

Does your Business need a booster shot?  You can buy a Bone-in One Ad for only $25 bucks to put under this column. Fencing companies, painters, carpenters, kennels, etc. place an ad here for the booster shot your business may need. Woof.

A high five to all my furravorite friends.

P.A. DeFrenza,a.k.a The Destin Dog Whisperer/Pooch Scoop Reporter, is a resident of Destin, freelance writer and American Red Cross volunteer. Contact her at  mustlovedogs@cox.net.