OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Crystal Beach Townhomes

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

A new 42-unit development planned for Crystal Beach caused quite a stir on The Log's Facebook page. Here's what some folks were saying:

Lisa Gaddis: Awesome… I live directly behind this property.... Can't wait for all the NOISE.

Schala Duckett: Just great...more development. Pave it all baby!

Greg Schmidt: They paved over paradise and put up another condominium.

Barbara Nelson: Comes Just stop. Enough. Vacationeers will start to leave this area - too many people. It's ridiculous. Why can't we be more like South Walton County and plan!

Suzanne Zachary Shoemaker: Just more traffic & noise. ..

Robert Flynn: I don't understand some of you people. Why shouldn't someone be able to develop their own land?? If you don't want it developed, then buy it yourself.

Adam Hoogendoorn: Make a strip club!

Marci Winn: Why????

Robert Davis: This already exists here's not like crystal beach is some untapped nature preserve. I'm sure the developers will keep the natural aspect in mind and it won't be some gigantic sky-rise. 42 rooms is pretty small. Drive down 30a and you will see beautifully built buildings that aren't gaudy.

Del Millwood: Back in the 60s it was awesome there.

Shawn Dahnke: I don't care. Just start building more roads. LMAO!

Scott Tenzycki: The answer is simple - form a non-profit to buy real estate, raise money, buy as much land as possible, and preserve that land in its natural state.

Marlene Lawson: Oh no! Not Crystal Beach or anywhere else along there!!

Larry-Mary Stubblefield: Everybody wanting a piece of paradise

Lynda McLean Simmons: Very very sad I feel sorry for you residents who like it now I like it now wish building would stop.

PA DeFrenza: It's the Law of Supply and Demand. At some point, there will be no more land. Destin will be affordable to only the very rich, as it will become the NEW South Hamptons!