Relax and Breathe: New Oxygen Bar Coming to Destin

Savannah Chastain
2nd Wind offers nail services with acrylic dip called NexGen.

Hidden away in the upstairs section of Palmetto Plaza in Destin is a new beauty salon called 2nd Wind Oxygen Salon and Spa. The salon is one-of-a-kind for the area, as aside from the traditional hair, nail and massage aspects, an oxygen bar will soon be added into the mix.

“I’ve always loved to do hair and be in the beauty industry,” said owner Windy Sweeney, when asked what inspired her business. “I just felt the need to be different because there are a lot of beauty salons in Destin. I started researching what could make me different and I found oxygen can be used in the beauty industry for facials, hair and cell rejuvenation.”

Sweeney told The Log that although there is no medical research available, breathing higher quantities of oxygen has been known to bring raised alertness as well as some minor stress relief.

“Customer’s claim it helps with headaches and migraines as well as cell rejuvenation,” she said. “What it does is it takes nitrogen out of the air to make it pure.”

 “It wakes you up,” said Sweeney’s mother, Glenda Sweeney. “I could actually see better. It’s a natural, clean, rejuvenating process and I felt no weird feelings at all.” 

The oxygen bar will also be a mobile feature, as Sweeney has plans to work with local businesses to bring the experience to different boardwalk and restaurant night functions.

“I’ve already talked to several local venues, and hope to add it to their nightly entertainment as well as to weddings, business parties or other events,” Sweeney said.

The new oxygen feature is set to be added to the salon this week, and Sweeney is eager for the machine to arrive.

“It’s an eight-person kiosk that offers oxygen aromatherapy through cannulas in the nose including scents anywhere from eucalyptus to piñacolada,” said Sweeney. “We usually breathe about 18 percent oxygen, but this gives four to five times the normal amount of oxygen between up to 92 percent.”

Nestled in an 800-square-foot space, 2nd Wind Oxygen Salon and Spa offers an intimate, cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxation and pampering. To add to the new oxygen bar atmosphere Sweeney said she will soon be adding Moroccan décor as well as a small lounge to the lobby of the spa.

“I want to have a turn on venues for people to go to,” she said. “It will give people a different place to come relax, get away and have good conversations with their friends.”