Vehicle fire in Miramar beach: ‘Nothing but a ball of flames’

Savannah Chastain
The Waste Management truck was totaled after a fire burst out between the body and cab of the truck.

A Waste Management Truck caught fire early Wednesday afternoon in Walton County just off of Holiday Road.

“I just pulled up to this can and I heard a popping sound,” said truck operator David Smith. “I turned around and saw the back body of the truck was nothing but a big ball of flames.”

Smith said that he quickly turned the engine off, and shut down the truck’s battery disconnect before exiting the vehicle.

“Luckily it wasn’t coming into the cab of the truck,” Smith said of the fire. “Honestly I don’t know how it started.”

Two Walton County fire engines and three Okaloosa Sheriffs vehicles responded to the fire that thankfully yielded no injuries.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, as South Walton Fire Marshal Sammy Sanchez told The Log that the truck was too damaged for investigators to determine the exact source of the fire.

“We were unable to get there and dig through it,” said Sanchez. “Based on what the driver was explaining and how quick the fire escalated, my guess is it was some kind of mechanical issue.” 

 Investigators however, were able to determine where the fire began.

“It started between the cab of the truck and the body of the truck, so it did not start in the back with the trash,” said Sanchez.  

Sanchez also confirmed that there were no injuries involved in the incident and that the driver was in ‘good spirits,’ even returning to work after the event.