Making English come to life: DMS welcomes Taylor Anderson

Savannah Chastain
Taylor Anderson has many memories as a student at Destin Middle School, and now returning as a teacher, she couldn’t be more thrilled. “I’m really excited to be back, there are a lot of teachers who taught me that are still here,” she said.

Fifth-grade Language Arts and Creative Writing teacher Taylor Anderson is another in a slew of familiar faces making their way back to the halls of Destin Middle School.

This will be Anderson’s first year teaching, and she was bursting with excitement on Monday, the first official day of the 2014-2015 school year for Okaloosa County.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” she said. “I’m excited about doing what I’m really passionate about.”

Anderson graduated with a degree in English Creative Writing from FSU, and then pursued a law degree for a year before returning to Destin to follow her dream of teaching.

“I could not silence the voice in my head calling me to become a teacher,” she said. “I knew deep down this is where I needed to be, and to have my dream finally come to fruition is so exciting.”

Nestled beside the school library, Anderson’s room used to house the student daily broadcast, of which she actually served as an anchor during her days as a Destin Marlin.

“When Taylor was here she was the anchor for our Splash T.V.,” said fellow English teacher, Leah McGill. “She was also in my third grade class and she was the mayor of the classroom. She was a big deal even at eight years old.”

McGill and Anderson have a special connection, as over the years, McGill has become a friend, and god-mother to Anderson.

“I was nine years old when I met her and I knew that she was someone I wanted in my life forever,” said Anderson. “I never would have guessed as a nine year old little girl that my third grade teacher would one day become my mentor, friend and colleague. Now to be teaching 5th grade with her is an absolute honor.”

Anderson’s room is multi-colored and resembles a candy store with inflatable cupcakes on the shelves and a big sign reading, “5th Grade is Sweet!”

“All the kids say they love the theme,” said Anderson. “I want to keep them entertained and focused. English and writing can kind of be a laborious task, but I want to make English fun. I want to be that teacher who makes English come to life.”