Overheard on the WEB: Service Fees

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The Destin Log

The Log recently posted a story about the city's plan to potentially charge residents an annual fee for the use of Henderson Beach State Park and the boat launch at Joe's Bayou, both of which are currently subsidized by the city's coffers. There was plenty of chatter about the topic on Facebook. Here's what some of our friends had to say.

Terri Lawley McCollum: I think it is extremely generous that the city has provided free passes - but honestly - we lived here four years before we knew the passes were available. Paying never stopped us from visiting the beautiful beaches at Henderson several times a week.

Kelly Housholder: I've lived here 2 years and didn't know there was a pass! I'd definitely pay $30 annually.

Trey Ward: Residents don't want to pay an extra 15$ a year for their fire department, wonder how this will sit with them.

Jenny Hemsworth-Segno: I get a pass for Henderson every year, and absolutely still would for a $20 or $30 annual fee.

Tracy Perkins: Well if they didn't spend 2.5 million to keep a strip club out. They wouldn't need to ask for a fee to be paid. Never mind the freakng park rangers are RUDE !!! Well... most of them are. We live in Destin and pay 100 bucks a year to come and go as we want there. Trying to watch sea turtles hatch and get treated like shit !!! Not welcomed at all. And they LIE about the freaking nests and when they should hatch. Really?? Yeah really.

FloridaNative: Well said Tracy. Council quickly forgot spending $2.5M and now they want to raise fees and taxes. Why not ask the neighbors of the strip club property to pay more?

Phil Dean: Yes!!!!!

Darren McDaniel: Sounds like someone is Money Hungry.

Robert Flynn: I don't think everyone understands the question. We ALREADY get to use the park and boat launch for free!!! The citizens will not even raise the tax on my home $7 a year for the fire department to keep paramedics, why am I going to pay $50 more a year for something I already get for free??

Rebecca McMeekin Stevenson: Yes

Mike Martin: Yep.

Shayne Barkley: Pay to go to the beach? While were at it we should up the toll on the already paid for midbay bridge again.

Karen Snead Scott: Charge to go to the beach... Ugh maybe charge to give back to the "strip club fund" and put that money into our first responders like the city should have done in the first place! Maybe we should start a ice bucket challenge to raise money for the city's crazy spending habits... Just saying!!

Gwynn Alcorn: ABSOLUTELY NOT! We tell everyone to stay away from Henderson Beach. Outrageous toll bridge costs to get to Destin, and the Mid Bay Bridge Authority Board members just keep looking for more ways to keep the tolls. THE TOLLS SHOULD END. Anybody trying to get money to attract more tourists, should first of all JUMP DOWN THE THROATS of the Mid-Way Bridge Authority. That bridge was paid for a long time ago. This is just shafting the public.

Daniel L Whoolery: Probably not many people will remember but I know when Henderson Beach State Park was not a park and it was FREE!!!! I don't think locals should have to pay for beach access. On the other hand paying upkeep for a boat ramp seems fine because of maintenance involved

Rebekah Robinson Murphy: City council may need a reboot!

Rhonda Tenore No

Lori Lee Stokes David: Yes

Steven Russell: Why is everyone blaming the city or county? It's a STATE, the state is maintaining the park (and charging the fee). It's come down to almost the only place left to go, since most of our beaches are "private" for condos. Hell, they even restrict access where a building hasn't even been built!!! Why don't more people bitch about that?

Megan Hunt: Buy one for all Florida's parks. That's gotta be cheaper in the long run if you ever go to any.

Steve Parks: Of course, if it's needed.

Jennifer McDaniel: I have to say the $6 fee at Henderson is a little ridiculous. Not when we have several beach accesses that are free and just as beautiful.

Anthony Deroy: They need to build another large boat launch right next door to joes bayou where that land is for sale.

Jolene Williams: I would rather not pay more, already costs us a great deal of $ just to get over midbay!!!! That's the reason why we go to public free beaches...

Maxx Traxx: No just added fees to the inflated taxes we already pay and are squandered.

Lisa McDonald Marcengill: Should've kept that $2.5M??NO!

Noëlle Jeanminette: Absolutely!

Anita Fitzgerald Scott: No.

Kathy Busbee: No

Lee Padgett: Be nice if all locals could receive a free (or reduced fee) pass to Henderson Beach like Destin city residents get....why do Destin city residents get them for free anyway???