Honesty wins: DMS student awarded for character

Savannah Chastain
C.J. Ginnetto received the first of this year’s Principal Awards for showing Marlin Character through honesty. This year DMS students are focusing on good citizenship through character values.

Fifth-grade student C.J. Ginnetto was in for a surprise at P.E. class on Friday afternoon. As the class was wrapping up in walked Principal Charles Marello, followed by several faculty members and his mother Christle Lowrimore.

Although it was only his first week of fifth grade, Ginnetto had already impressed the faculty of Destin Middle School with his display of honesty.   

“We were coming to the gym at the beginning of the week and I noticed a student bend down and pick up something,” said Language Arts teacher Leah McGill to the gym full of fifth-grade students. “The student picked up two, five-dollar-bills and said, ‘Look what I found, someone has lost their money.’”

 As the other students pondered who it might be, C.J. started to smirk, recalling the earlier incident.

“That student was C.J.,” McGill finally announced calling the grinning boy up to the front of the gym. “He automatically did the right thing, and showed a terrific Marlin attitude during the first week of school,” she said.

Principal Marello presented a certificate and gift to Ginnetto, as well as a T-shirt reading “All-In.”

“Our theme this year is, ‘All-In,’” Marello said. “Going all-in means doing everything right, and doing what is right when no one is looking.”

Marello told The Log that throughout the year special, principal’s awards will be given out to students who portray good character traits. The school has a large focus on good citizenship this year both in the homerooms, and in the school curriculum.