The Other End: New Beer Garden Opens in Destin

Savannah Chastain
Destin native, Joe Campbell said he is excited to open his first restaurant endeavor with The Other Side beer garden.

What do you get when you cross an Airstream food-truck with 16 beer taps and a deck on the docks? The Other End Beer Garden.

 “When I was in high school I took a trip to Germany and I discovered what a beer garden was, and found them to be much more relational,” said owner Joe Campbell. “I wanted to offer something like that here in Destin with an American feel to it.”

The Other End has a unique atmosphere with one area offering a wooden deck with bar seating and round deck tables, and another turf area equipped with long picnic tables and surrounded by shrubs and citrus trees.

“You’re on the harbor but you sort of feel like you’re in a garden,” said Campbell. “We want to be a place on the harbor where people can come and enjoy the view and have a good beer.”

Situated just above the docks beside his other business, Sailing South Watersports, Campbell said the beer garden has been a dream of his long in the making.

 “My father started sailboat charters in the ‘80s,” said Campbell. “That was his thing. I love being out on the water, but I love beer.”

A glorious array of beer taps sit atop the newly varnished bar housed in two ceramic dispenser towers.

 “We offer the widest selection of craft beer on the harbor,” said Campbell. “Also, no one has the selection we have in bottle right now.”

Campbell told The Log that he is set to offer 60 bottled beer varieties including several international brews, select wines, and will soon be dabbling in a new form of beer known as bourbon barrel aged beer.

“It’s a new trend brewing beer and aging it in barrels that were used for making bourbon,” he said. “It has a rich smooth flavor to it that a lot of people that don’t like beer seem to like it.”

As for the food side of things, Campbell is pulling out all the stops with his cook, Sean Rogers.

“We are certainly going to stay with the traditional beer foods such as pretzels, brats, and sausage and cheese plates, but with higher level ingredients and locally sourced on everything,” said Rogers.

Rogers detailed that some of the beer garden specialties will include hamburgers made from hormone-free beef, Belgian fries cooked in duck oil, fried crab claws, and of course the German bratwurst.

“We’re trying to be a nice beer garden with quality food,” said Rogers. “Our goal is to be 100 percent locally sourced, and we hope the locals notice and come check us out.”

The Other End is open for business with a grand opening coming in a few weeks. The food truck and beer garden currently operates in the evening hours Tuesday through Sunday. For more information call 837-7245 or visit