The Dream Spy: Local author to release new novel

Savannah Chastain
Gary Westfal is a Destin local and self-published author. “It’s a labor of love,” said Westfal of his novels. “If you’re in your lane of passion you don’t mind doing the hard work.”

Local author, Gary Westfal is gearing up to release his novel, Key Horizon, a sequel to his Amazon best seller, Dream Operative.

The spy-thriller with a sci-fi twist follows main character, Joey “G” Weston, as he attempts to rescue an abducted Israeli dignitary’s wife by using abnormal dream-inspired awareness for clues.

“My protagonist, as he gets into the dream realm, discovers that he is able to remember it and manipulate it,” said Westfal. “In the first book he is recruited by a dark national security agency and the second book delves into the inner workings of his dream manipulating ability.”  

Westfal told The Log that inspiration for his novels comes from his 30 years working in government service.

“I work in special operations aspect of Department of Defense (DOD),” he said. “It’s the world I know, and they say the best books come from the things you know most about.”

Following the lines of political warfare and national security operations, Westfal often delves into fictional scenarios that mirror real-world issues.

“There are a lot of current events that are eerily similar because I’m a news junkie and it adds to the realism of what’s going on in the world today,” he said. “In Key Horizon, a character is kidnapped and it talks about everything they go through, there are some terrorist aspects to it as well.”

When asked what authors inspire his work, Westfal mentioned authors Tom Clancy, Lee Child, Brad Thor and Vince Flynn who also write in the thriller and political thriller genre.

“All those guys write in my genre and I aspire to be that successful,” he said. “I’ve been compared to them quite a bit, but the thing that makes me different from them is the dream aspect. It’s humanizing in the fact that he is trying to outwit psychologically the outcome of his dreams. While he’s in his dream he has knowledge that he’s there and can manipulate his surroundings.”

Although the book is the second in a series, Westfal says each book is independently intriguing.

 “It’s very vivid, very fast moving, people have told me it would make a great movie which tells me they can see visually  the words I’m putting on paper,” said Westfal. “It’s a very fast read, you can sit down and read for 20 minutes or two hours.”

Key Horizon is set to release on Amazon in early October with both paper back and Kindle formats available. A local book launch and signing is currently in planning. For more information visit