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The Destin Log
This 300-plus pound gator was caught by Eric and Zack Thrasher.

Big catches along the docks are nothing new in Destin, but when a big catch that’s not a fish catches the docks crowds quickly gather. Pictures of big catches garner plenty of chatter on social media, and here’s what some of our Facebook friends had to say about a monster gator that hit the docks recently.

Schala Duckett: Nice work on killing that human eating alligator. When they get that big they got to go.

Tycelia Woodell: Oh! look at the paws.

Josh Brister: Good job. Now how much for that tail?!

Mike Williams: There's at least 10-footer towards the back of Indian bayou.

Laurie Ledbetter: Terry I see no reason for that unless that gator threatened your life!

Jessica Taylor: Laurie Ledbetter Terry, if a gator is at the point of "threatening your life" you're mostly likely already dead or seriously injured.

Maryann Clark: Ride gator man, ride!

Kasey McConnell: I can assure all of you that aren't for killing this gator, it was killed much more humanely than any beef, pork, or chicken you eat on a daily basis. No doubt it's better for you too.

Kristen Sherry Scarpitto: I want to know where they found this thing. One less alligator is ok with me. Eat it, make boots.

Jo Ellen Morris: Horrible thing to do.

Donna Rushin Boardman: The only good gator is a dead gator!!

Monia Holloway: Looks like supper to me boys!

Annie Sapphire Moon Anderson: As long as they eat them there is nothing wrong with it.

Darren McDaniel: Fried gator is delicious. Better than most Snapper I've ever eaten.