G.I. Joe Incognito: Is a new theme park on the horizon?

Savannah Chastain
This sign advertising a new amusement park mysteriously appeared, disappeared and reappeared over the course of a few days this week just west of Big Kahunas on U.S. highway 98.

A new sign that was put up in Destin for a couple days had city developers and property owners confused. The sign, placed on an eight-acre parcel of land directly west of Big Kauna’s, advertised an amusement park called G.I. Joes that offered water and thrill rides to “rival Disney World.”

“The sign is unpermitted,” Public Information manager Doug Rianer told The Log Tuesday. “There is no development plan for the property that the city has seen.”

The property is owned by Rialto Capital Management LLC., out of Miami, according to the Okaloosa County Property Appraisers website and the State Division of Corporations. Representatives from the company were also at a loss to who placed the sign.

“We have no idea whose sign it is or why it was put up,” said Rialto Associate Karelyn Blanco. “We do own the property, but we don’t know whose sign that is.”

When asked if there are any current plans for development, Blanco replied “Not as of now.”

By Thursday afternoon the sign was gone. The city’s code enforcement team had contacted the property owners about the sign, but Rainer told the Log he is unsure of who removed it.

At press time the sign had been replaced.