OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Alcohol Sales Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log
Destin Log cartoonist, Dill Beaty shares his take on the alcohol sales laws of Okaloosa County.

City leaders recently decided that they would not be willing to change a law that restricts alcohol sales until after 1 p.m. on Sundays, at the request of a local business owner. The story garnered plenty of chatter on social media. Here is what some of The Log’s Facebook friends had to say.

Robert Flynn: What ever happened to letting the "Free Market" decided???? Bunch of RINO's (Republican In Name Only) in the city council....

Trey Ward: Why does this town not shut its bars down at 2 am instead of 4 like most places? Spare me if people refer this as a "family" town!

Luke Martin: Absolutely the ban should be lifted. The only people it stops are tourists. Locals know and they buy their beer and liquor the day before they get ready to hit up Crab Island or the beach.

Christopher Ray: It should be 24-7 or never. You're either for it or not.

Diana Ingalsbe: crazy law...:((

Kristen Sherry Scarpitto: It's a stupid archaic law....stop trying to save everyone's souls. Not being able to purchase alcohol until 1:00 on Sunday isn't going to fill up the pews at church.

Jim Boothe: Booze should be available 24/7! Sick and tired of the religious right.

Shawn Dhanke: Stupid law. What's wrong with our city council! Half goofy I guess. Like others said everyone except the tourist knows about it and drunks will always be drunks.

Marty Bullock: If I sit in church getting yelled at for being a sinner all morning, I deserve a beer!

Chris Lambert: I shop for groceries every Sunday morning. Why can't I buy my 4 cases of beer then? What if we passed a law no one can be in a church on a Wednesday night? Same thing.

Kyle Oleen: I love Walton County

Joanne Jones Bouchillon: Crazy! We live on the county line and if need be we drive to the Tom Thumb or CVS less than a mile from Emerald Lakes! Time for change and time people that are voted in start listening to their constituents that they represent. No we are not alcoholics and chat to any of your "buddy fish heads" and they also sip a cold one while casting out on a Sunday.

Donnie Hicks: this law is just a silly inconvenience to the unprepared. No good.

Melissa Ozimek: Shouldn't even be an issue. There are much more important things that needs addressing. Let us buy our groceries even if that includes beer or wine whenever we are able to.

Melissa Aiken: The exiting law is simply poor customer service toward our visitors, and lost revenue for the City of Destin.

Jeff Hood: I'm Reg Republican and I'm all for alcohol sales anytime. Just because you are Rep. does not mean you are Uber conservative. Most is us are concerned about debt in the US.

Donald Johnson: So here is an outdated issue - 30-40 years? - that the city council will not address because it does not follow the wishes of the people and the fact that it is acting according to their agenda and not that of the public. Fire them all and get some new blood in the council.

Ted Long: You should be able to but alcohol anytime you want.

Emily Rose Robinson: Really stupid law, but maybe they didn't have the time or funds to spend rectifying something that's not really harming anyone (individual, not business). Probably blew it already on something super important and necessary. If the thought of removing the restrictions of alcohol on Sunday's is scary to you, the good news is: no one will force you to buy it!

Angela Bateson-Halualani: I think they are ridiculous- drive to Walton county before 1 on a Sunday? Bad business for Okaloosa.