Let there be light: City leaders match funds for dog park lights

Matt Algarin
The Destin Dog Park has the approval and funding to install lights at the park.

It’s about to be brighter at the Destin Dog Park.

With a unanimous vote Monday night, city leaders agreed to use park impact fees to match funds raised by the Friends of the Destin Dog Park in the amount of $15,000.

The volunteer group raised a total of $15,783 as of November towards the installation of lights at the park, which sits at the intersection of Commons Drive and Indian Trail.

By installing lights at the park, Nancy Weidenhamer, also known as “Destin Dog” said residents and visitors alike would have more opportunities to enjoy the park during evening hours. Especially during the winter season when the sun sets before the workday ends for most.

The lights would also allow people to enjoy the park later during the summer months when it’s not as hot outside.

Based on estimates, it will cost approximately $23,000 to have lights installed and the city will be responsible for ongoing upkeep and maintenance. The actual project must still go through the bid process before any work takes place.

“There is no project that I’ve been involved in that I can stand outside and see the use seven days a week like the dog park,” Councilman Jim Wood said.